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Car Video Players - Car Video Players: What Are My Options?

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Travelling with small children has never been a completely pleasant experience for most parents. Long car trips to grandma’s house used to require many books, toys and other amusements that kept the parents just as busy as the children when it came to entertainment. Technology has definitely helped to solve the travel with kids dilemma, thanks to the appearance of car video players.

Some cars now come standard with a complete entertainment system, including car video players. Almost all vehicle manufacturers offer car video players as optional equipment, so even if it doesn’t come standard there are options available. Many vehicle owners purchased their cars before these video players were commonplace and they have opted to purchase third-party models that can be permanently installed or used as portable entertainment in several different vehicles.

There are car video players that will play DVDs. Some are single screen and others have several attached screens or offer an expandable system that enables users to purchase more screens. They have audio jacks for headphones, meaning that parents can chat while the kids watch a video in the back.

Car video players are not restricted to DVDs, either. Some are very advanced and offer streaming of internet videos. Others have hookups for other input devices including video game systems or DVRs. There are as many options for car video players as there are unique vehicles. Most systems can be customized to give consumers exactly what they need from their mobile entertainment.

When picking out car video players, consumers should have an idea of how they want the screen mounted in the car. There are flip down screens that stow away for protection and space savings when not in use. There are monitors that will connect to the head rests of the front seats with elastic, for those who do not want a permanent solution.

It is important to realize that when you are looking at car video players, the cost range is significant. If you prefer high quality blu-ray players over traditional DVD players, you are going to spend more on your system. If you are just looking for something to use occasionally when you need to travel in the car, then there are completely portable options available to you for well under a hundred dollars.

Not everyone will find that the same car video players meet their needs. Purchasing one is a matter of personal preference in most cases. If you prefer a factory installed option, you will pay a premium, but you will never need to worry about who had the DVD player last or how you will keep the battery charged through an entire movie.

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