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Turtle Beach Barbados - A Visit to Turtle Beach, Barbados

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On the south coast of the Caribbean island of Barbados, four miles east of Bridgetown, you’ll find Turtle Beach, a stretch of white sand beach fifteen-hundred feet long, upon which sits a splendid resort hotel of the same name, catering to both families and singles, and to both business and pleasure groups, with all-inclusive packages full of enjoyable activities.

The entrance to the Turtle Beach Resort is the magnificent type normal for Barbados: a white marble foyer, with greenery in large urns, and tall white columns and wide arches marking the edges. Once inside, twin wings of rooms stand out amid the shady gardens, with glimpses of the bright blue sea between the buildings. In the center of the resort, there’s a languid swimming pool and the wedding lawn amid the tall palm trees, as well as the half-indoor/half-outdoor restaurant. The appearance is all so easy-going, yet so full of island energy at the same time.

Let’s start, though, with the island of Barbados itself, only 21 miles long, and 14 miles wide, with 166 square miles of surface area. Barbados is the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles island group, located in the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastern edge of the West Indies, all of which means that Barbados is outside the Atlantic hurricane belt.

Back at Turtle Beach Resort, you’ll find all the normal watersports included for free: swimming, sailing, and snorkeling, to name a few. Motorized water sports, such as jet-skis, however, do require a fee.

The sand of Turtle Beach is bright white; the blue sea can seem so bright in the sun that it may appear to be glowing at times! Wave action is quite strong, meaning it’s great for body surfing and boogie boarding, but not so much for swimming. Two other beaches, Dover and Maxwell, are nearby if you’re looking for a change in scene.

The large swimming pool within the resort is multi-purpose, divided into sections. There’s a shallow area for the children, and another part for water aerobics. The edges of the pool are free-form and merge directly into the surrounding greenery, leaving many small private shady areas in which to relax. There’s also a smaller pool on the other side of the resort restaurant.

The rooms themselves at the Turtle Beach Resort are island-stylish, with tile floors, whitewashed wood trim, rattan chairs, ceiling fans, and either a patio or a balcony with a view facing out toward the ocean, or a view facing the gardens and pools.

You’ll find the St Lawrence Gap to the west of the Turtle Beach Resort, after you go by the many other hotels lining the road into the town of Dover and go past the Dover cricket pitch. The St Lawrence Gap is the place to go to party on the South Coast of Barbados. Clubs, bars, and restaurants line its quarter-mile length.

For fancy dining, try Pisces (obviously for the fish and seafood), Josef’s, or The Restaurant at Southsea, all on the Barbados waterfront. For less expensive dining, go early to Coast or Café Sol — but, if you stay late, you’ll be in the middle of the exuberant nightlife there. Later in the evening, try the clubs: Jumbies, After Dark, Reggae Lounge, and the Ship Inn.

However, St Lawrence Gap is not just nightlife and parties — during the daytime, that’s where you’ll go to find the supermarket, a bank, and other small stores.

Heading to the east from Turtle Beach Resort onto the South Coast Road, you’ll soon reach Oistins, one of Barbados’ largest towns. It’s an active fishing harbor, and you’ll see fishing boats hauled up on the sand, anchored in the bay, or bobbing in the surf. Go for the Fish Fry evenings, especially on a Friday. In Oistins, you’ll find a police station, a few more banks and another supermarket.

Now, why is the whole place called Turtle Beach? Sea-turtles have always nested their eggs on the sandy beaches. When the Turtle Beach Resort first opened, the hotel’s bright lights confused the just-hatched baby turtles, who mistakenly wandered into the hotel lobby and grounds. The hotel’s guests were more than delighted to help the tiny turtles find their way home on out into the sea.

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