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Photo Frame Card - Photo Frame Card Gifts For The Ultimate In Personalized Greetings

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A photo frame card is a greeting card that reconnects you to the recipient. In an age of increasing commercialization of the holidays, photo cards are a step back into the personalized and thoughtful origins of the tradition of sending holiday greeting cards.

There was a time when each and every greeting card was personal. It would have been unthinkable to send a card without including a handwritten note to family, friends or acquaintances. Small, local business organizations with limited customers began sending out greeting cards for the holidays because local store owners were connected with their customers in a personal way and often knew them on a personal as well as professional basis. Large corporations, with huge customer bases, soon picked up this practice in an attempt to draw repeat customers and earn additional business revenue. Many of them began omitting personal notes or signatures altogether.

Advances in printer technology and a few snippets of clever computer code soon introduced the business world to mass marketing with mail merge techniques. Businesses applied the same approach used with form letters to greeting cards and were soon printing and personalizing cards for all of their clients of Christmases past, present and future. “Personalizing” through the application of merge technology is an obvious misnomer, but the trend was back toward the origins of sending personalized greeting cards.

A small market niche then developed for businesses who could accept family photos and transfer images to customized cards. Consumers flocked to this new offering. After all, what could be more personalized than a greeting card bearing an actual photo of the person? What better way to keep in touch with a relative or friend who might not be seen in person for years at a time?

Many of these companies were online entities. Over time, as identity theft has become an increasingly prominent issue, consumers have grown wary of providing photos of themselves to online third parties. A photo frame card is the ideal solution. These tastefully designed greeting cards are specially constructed to hold, transport and display a personal photo. The photo is inserted into the mailable card and is held in place by a cardstock “frame.”

A photo frame card can come in simple cardstock, or can be purchased with a beautiful texture. The photo can be safely nestled inside a card with attractive outer covers or may be prominently displayed as the card’s outer cover. Cards can be purchased for all standard photo formats, and can even be specially sized for non-standard prints.

Most card shops, photo-processing centers and art supply houses carry a photo frame card line. They are easy to use, comparable in price to standard greeting cards and are a fabulous way to update family and friends on how much your children have grown since they last saw them or how you look with your new hairstyle.

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