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King Size Bed Dimensions - There Are Many King Size Bed And Bedding Dimensions To Know

mattress inches set bedroom

It is great to be able to fit a king size bed into your master bedroom. It is the most comfortable bed for most people to sleep on giving each person space equivalent to a twin size bed. There are two different king size bed dimensions to consider. If you are a person of average height an eastern king may be the best for you. Eastern or standard king mattress sets are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Different styles and manufacturers make these mattresses different thicknesses. California king mattress sets are 72 inches wide and 84 inches long and come in various thicknesses.

Deciding to purchase a king size mattress set must come after you have measured your bedroom and found it to be large enough to accommodate a king size bed. The dimensions of your room may determine which king size bed you choose. How tall you are may play a part in deciding what size king bed you end up with. Another deciding factor in choosing your king size bed may be the width and shape of your hallways and stairway. You will need to be able to maneuver your king mattress through your house to the master bedroom and then have space to set it up and walk around it. The box springs of a king mattress set are divided into two pieces for easier moving, but the mattress is all in one large piece. If you want a king size mattress in a bedroom with challenging hallways or stairway, you may want a foam mattress thin enough to bend around corners. You will need a mattress that does not have springs to move through challenging hallways. There are ones filled with foam, air or other materials that can be bent around corners. It is just harder to find one that will be comfortable once set up in your bedroom.

When shopping for a mattress set, no matter what size, it is very important to get the best quality mattress you can afford with a good wear warranty. A cheap mattress will be uncomfortable and wear out a lot sooner. It is more cost effective to buy a good quality mattress that lasts the full ten years retaining it’s comfort, than two cheap mattresses that are uncomfortable and wear out in just a few years. One very important step in purchasing a mattress set is to take the time to try each one out. Yes, lay on the mattress set for at least 10 minutes to get a true idea of how comfortable it will be to sleep on. Wear loose comfortable clothing when shopping for mattress sets. Take off your shoes, belt and billfold for a better test of comfort. Any good mattress sales person will encourage you to try out every mattress you are considering. They want you to get the right mattress for you to cut down on returns and refunds. Remember, a bad back does not need an extra firm mattress. Scientific studies have proven that firm mattresses are not the best for bad backs. A bad back needs a comfortable mattress with good support.

Once you have the right king size bed dimensions for you, standard /eastern king or California king mattress sets, you will need everything that goes with them. You will need a good strong bed frame to start and a headboard if you have the budget and space. A headboard gives the bed a finished furniture look and holds the pillows in place. A bed with no headboard will allow pillows to fall between the bed and the wall. The headboard should be firmly attached to the bed frame. Many people prefer to have both a headboard and a foot-board for their bed. One can purchase beautiful bedroom sets that have night stands, dressers and chests to go with the bed so the whole room is coordinated.

When your bed is set up you will need bed linens including mattress pad, upper and lower sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets and a comforter or bed spread. You will want to make sure you get the correct sizes of bedding. Fitted bottom sheets will be 76 inches by 80 inches on top with deep pockets that go under the mattress bottom for eastern king. Top sheets will be flat and 108 inches by 102 inches for eastern king. California king sheets are 72 by 84 fitted and 108 by 102 flat. You should get good quality sheets of at least 300 thread count and all cotton if possible. Comforters for king beds are 100 inches by 90 inches.

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