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Make Christmas Card - How to Make Christmas Card Projects

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The holidays are approaching and soon Christmas will be here. People will be sending out season greetings to their friends and loved ones. It’s easy to go out and purchase commercially made Christmas cards and gifts. If you want to do something a little more unique and creative, make your own Christmas card projects.

With a little bit of artistic ability, you can watercolor paint a simple Christmas scene such as holly or fir trees on paper that has been cut to the card size you desire. If you have the time, you can hand paint each and every card. Another idea would be to use a computer card program, printer and scanner. Here, you can scan your painting, and then use the card program to print out cards with your original scene on it. You can customize the inside with the recipient’s name and message. A variation of this method is to have your child paint the scene, and then use that as the main background for your cards.

Die cut machines are very popular these days, and you can use their Christmas designs to cut and paste to a blank card. Then you can add stamps, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments to make the design your own. People enjoy receiving a handmade card because it’s beautiful, unique and they know that you spent a lot of time and effort producing it.

In keeping with the theme of making your own Christmas cards, you can take Christmas magazine pictures or old Christmas cards, and cut them up and decoupage them to white card stock. Then embellish them with glitter and Christmas sayings. Another decoupage idea is to make gifts out of Christmas cards you have received in previous years. Tear them or cut them into different shapes and sizes, then decoupage them onto a blank journal, vase, plain glass bulb ornament, and you have a special gift to give. Used Christmas wrapping paper can be cut into stockings or trees and used to produce cards also. This recycles materials and produces one-of-a-kind creations at the same time.

Instead of rectangular or square cards, cut blank card stock into different shapes such Christmas tags, mittens or Christmas trees. These can be made in dimensions that will fit into a card envelope. You can customize the message by printing it on another paper then cutting it so that it will fit on whatever shape that you have made. Use stamps, scrapbooking paper or ribbons to give it more of a festive design.

Scrapbooking paper comes in so many themes, color and patterns. You can easily incorporate the paper into your cards. First print out a Christmas greeting near the bottom of the card. Then cut a piece of snowflake theme paper, the same width of the card but a little shorter in length so that the greeting shows through. Glue the paper to the card and decorate the border with little snowflakes or other complementary embellishments.

Many people send photos of the family during the holidays. You can take a photo of your pet dressed up in reindeer attire or use a recent photo from a family trip. Print out a card with a personalized greeting and then glue the photo to it so that the card frames the picture. Embellish the card with little red Santas or Christmas bells. Special scrapbooking scissors can be used to cut different patterned edges.

For an ambitious project, you can make a Christmas card out of polymer clay. This product comes in an assortment of colors, and you can shape candy canes, make a card background and a greeting all out of clay. Then bake it. It truly will make a unique card that few have ever seen.

With the advent of computers, you can have professional looking cards that have different stylish fonts to convey your heartfelt Christmas joy. Adults can make Christmas card projects, but it’s also a way to get children involved in the creative process. This can become a tradition that can be passed down to other generations. It’s a great activity to spend time with your children, and your friends and loved ones will appreciate receiving these handmade cards.

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