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Car Hire Toronto - Choosing the Right Car Hire in Toronto

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Choosing a car hire in Toronto is simple; this is because there are several companies located throughout the city, as well as in the Toronto Pearson International Airport. The choice to rent a car instead of taking a cab is an important one and is usually based on your budget. If you are in town on business, then it’s possible that you will only need a taxi to get you to and from your destinations; however, if you plan on visiting different parts of the city, you might want the convenience and dependability of your own rental car.

Car Hires and Availability

The choice between renting from a car hire in Toronto through either the store or the airport is easy: if you want to spend less money, you won’t rent from the airport. The base price for an average rental day is $30 to $40 dollars; this price will rise by $10 to $20 dollars at the airport. Not only is the price increased due to convenience, it is also filled with additional fees. By choosing a rental car from another location, you will save more money and possibly have more cars to choose from.

The difference between car hires in Toronto is that some will carry different cars than the other. Thrifty may have more 2-door coupes, whereas National might have more convertibles. Most companies will compete heavily when it comes to price; therefore, you might have to base your decision car availability rather than cost. Smaller car hires, such as Affinity, may lower its prices to compete with larger chains, so it would be best to comparative shop before you commit to one car hire in Toronto.

Taxes and Affordability

When it comes to taxes, you will have to pay for sales tax; this includes any additional fees that are figured into the bill. There are small insurance add-ons you can purchase as well to increase a secure investment; some companies, such as Thrifty, provide liability insurance that only costs an additional $15 dollars per day. This might add to the overall cost of the car, but it also gives you piece of mind if you were to be involved in an accident. When renting a car, the last thing you want to do is pay for damages out of your own pocket.

If you are renting from a car hire in Toronto because your car is in the shop, then renting a car can benefit you. It might cost more than taking the bus, but at least you don’t have to wait at the bus stop every morning. Also, you don’t have to spend money on a cab to and from work. The cost of a weekly car rental can cost anywhere from $150 to $210 per week if you rent from an individual office. If you rent from the airport service, it can cost a lot more. Prices will vary, and it would be wise to search online for any coupons or discount codes that will save you more money.

Third-party Agencies

You can also rent a car by visiting an online booking agency such as Expedia or Orbitz. By doing this, you can bypass all the necessary paperwork and hassle from the car hire; also, the booking agency can save you money and provide additional incentives, such as free fuel and free pickup services. You can even get the best deal on the car you want, as well as any extra features like satellite navigation and Bluetooth.

Luxury Car Hires

If you’re in the need of a luxury car hire in Toronto, then you have the option of renting from GTA Exotics. They specialize in sports cars and motorcycles, which can be rented for any occasion, like a high school reunion or anniversary. Renting an exotic car will cost much more money than a 4-door family car; an Audi R8 alone costs almost $3,000 per week.

Whether you fly into Toronto and need a car rental or live in the city and need a ride to work, getting the best deal on a car hire in Toronto is easy. If you’d rather skip the rental store, you can always order ahead of time online.

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