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Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner - Operating A Bissel Proheat Carpet Cleaner

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Dealing with carpet can be a hassel if you aren’t using the right cleaning products. Families with young children and pets are often the victims of carpet stain and odor that can diminish the entire look and feel of a room. The Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner is a heavy-duty product that cleans down to the core of carpet. Bissell models are frequently subjected to whole-house cleaning sprees and leave competition in the dust. The Bissel Proheat Carpet Cleaner has advanced features of internal heating and has many hose attachments for versatility. The shampoo formula had been upgraded to contain Scotchgard that actually repels future dirt, if used correctly.

Keeping carpets clean is a big task and the Bissel Proheat Carpet Cleaner has proved time and time again to be up to the challenge. It works by producing steaming hot water mixed with carpet cleaner into the fibers, scrubbing out deep down dirt and replacing it with its original brightness and integrity. In order to achieve the best results from your Bissel Proheat Carpet Cleaner, it is best to follow these simple operating techniques:

1. Find the shampoo tank that is located at the back of the cleaner; it is a clear bottle that is facing downward. Remove the shampoo tank and bottle from the machine. Allow the water from the sink to get as hot as possible, but never consider using boiling water from the stove. If the tap water doesn’t get as hot as you would like, keep in mind that boiling water can actually damage the machine and make parts of it irrepairable.

2. Position the bottom half of the tank under the faucet and fill the inner bladder of the tank with hot water. There are two separate parts to this tank: a collection tank and an inner bladder. Do not overfill into the collection tank, concentrate on filling only the inner part of the tank. The collection tank actually holds the dirty water that has been sucked up from the carpet during use; the dirty water ends up surrounding the inner bladder, where the clean water is kept. This is the correct assembly and operation of the water tanks.

3. Put the top and bottom halves back together and place it back on the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner. You can then concentrate on the shampoo tank, filling it with carpet cleaner solution to the designated line. Bissell puts out a line of shampoos for steam cleaners; this is recommended for Bissell models if wanting to achieve the best results. Replace the shampoo tank onto the back of the machine and turn on the cleaner.

4. There is a trigger that is located on the handle of the steam cleaner; it is right where your fingers would normally rest, and this trigger controls the water and shampoo mixture. While pressing down on the trigger, shampoo and hot water enters into the carpet and the spinning brushes that are located on the bottom of the cleaner work the mixture into the fibers. Hold down the trigger as you push the cleaner forward over the carpet and continue holding it down as the machine comes back toward you.

5. Releasing the trigger will stop the water and shampoo mixture and automatically start the suction mode. Along the same path you were just operating on, move the machine slowly over the shampooed area to allow the cleaner to extract the dirt and excess water from the carpet. Allow sufficient time for this process and repeat the procedure on another area of the carpet. It may take time and patience, but continue this process until the entire room has been vaccuumed.

6. During this process, watch the shampoo and water levels. Depending on the size of the room, you may need to dump out the dirty water in the collection tank and refill the clean water in the working bladder. The shampoo tank needs to stay fairly full, so refilling it should be a priority when it gets low.

With the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner, you have the ability to be as thorough as you want to be. Accidents happen, and carpets take a lot of heat in larger households. Stains from children and odors that are associated with family pets need to be cleaned immediately for best results, and nothing works magic like Bissell cleaners!

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