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Car Cassette Players - Car Cassette Players Are Not Out of Style

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Even though it’s the 2000s and MP3 players and other forms of digital media rule the market doesn’t mean that you should throw out all of your old cassette tapes. Some people still have their old 8-track tapes packed nicely in a box somewhere in the attic, and even a few people continue to listen to them on vintage players. Cassette tapes haven’t been obsolete very long, and there’s no reason to think that you still can’t enjoy them in your car; in fact, there are quite a few companies that continue to make car cassette players.


Just when you thought you were stuck with the standard CD player that came shipped with your new car, you now have the choice to buy a new player that supports cassette tapes. These aren’t just generic players either; these are some of the big names in the audio industry, such as Pioneer, Panasonic, Kenwood and Jensen. You can even purchase a Quantum brand car cassette player for less than thirty dollars if you shop online.

Some players even offer a remote control, such as the Kenwood KRC-435 car cassette player, which give you access to changing the radio station or rewinding and fast-forwarding your cassette. The more options you want on your player, the more you will have to pay for it.


What do you do if you only have a car cassette player and you want to listen to your MP3s? Well, you can purchase a cassette adapter that easily slides into any car cassette player; you then take its external cord and plug it into your MP3 player of choice. This way, you don’t have to purchase a brand new cassette player for your car and can still use your MP3 player when you’re driving around. Belkin and Walkman are a couple of top brands that create quality adapters, and you can find them from $9 to $20 online.

Having a car cassette player doesn’t mean you refuse to assimilate into digital society; it just means you enjoy the sound of analog cassette tapes, and you don’t feel that you have to part with hundreds of dollars worth of tapes you’ve collected over the years. Car cassette players have come a long way, and they even have digital interfaces and backlit displays. They’re as durable and reliable as any CD player and can be installed in any type of car.

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