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Dragon Speaking Software - Productivity for Writers and Dragon Speaking Software

designed naturally program words

Everyone is having to do more with less these days, so dragon naturally speaking software is one of the many tools on the market that can make your time more productive. This product is a speech recognition software package that is made for Windows Computers. Nuance Communications developed this product for sale to the public. The company steadily develops products to keep pace with current technology. For instance, version 11 is the current product on the market. This product is specifically designed to fit 34 and 64 bit editions of Windows XP, 7, and Vista.

Naturally speaking dragon requires a minimum of user interface. When the user speaks, the words appear on screen. The program is designed to transcribe the words when the speaker pauses. Dragon naturally speaking has three primary areas that help the busy professional. The software is designed to take dictation, and the program is also designed to convert text to speech. Users can issue commands that are recognized by the program. Additionally, a document can be converted into an audio stream by synthesizing.

Writers, bloggers, and other professionals use naturally speaking dragon to increase their productivity. Oftentimes, the writer will lose much of their work because their thoughts exceed the ability to type words. This software virtually eliminates this dilemma. Creativity is free to flow, and the software is able to recognize and transcribe the work. The writer can truly have the best of both worlds with this remarkable technology. The latest version of dragon speaking software is much more accurate than some previous versions. The writer does not have to worry about as many errors. In fact, some writers are able to dictate about 2,000 words per hour, and many of these writers can edit their work within 15 minutes.

In conclusion, buying this software is an investment that pays off nicely for many people. In fact, people that have problems with their hands, fingers, or some other problem that makes typing difficult are especially thankful for this software. A physical or medical problem does not have to stop you from still getting your ideas on paper. The software program can be programmed to recognize your pattern of speech, and this can significantly improve your ability to earn money by freelance writing and blogging. The newest version of the software is approximately $199.00. It is an investment up front, but the abilities of the software will far outweigh any initial investment.

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