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Internet Wireless Card - When Should I Use an Internet Wireless Card?

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Purchasing an internet wireless card is something of a misnomer when most people use the phrase. A computer user can buy a wireless card that provides connectivity from anywhere through his cellular service provider. Most people who use this phrase are actually referring to a wireless card that lets him connect to his home network. When selecting a new NIC, a person should be clear about what he wants.

Internet wireless cards typically have data charges and cost considerably more than just the standard USB interface that gets plugged into a desktop computer. The USB sticks that come from a USB provider serve as a cellular modem. These USB sticks are getting supplanted by newer technology that lets a cell phone owner use the device as a Wi-Fi mobile hot spot. The cell-phone provides easy high-speed access for people on the go. They cell phones, in essence serve as a wireless router.

Internet wireless cards provided by a no-contract service provider currently have high data fees, although this cost may come down as the easier access to Mi-Fi devices makes it onto the market. The cost for the cards themselves is almost double what a person would pay for a simple wireless networking interface card.
If a person wonders what the difference between an Internet networking car and a wireless networking card, the difference is what it is designed to do. A wireless networking card cannot connect to the Internet unless it has a router or some other Internet enabled device that connects directly to a trunk.

Internet wireless cards have the router functionality already built-in. An enterprising user with computer experience can use a computer with one of these devices as a router and increase the security options available on his network. Firewalls on most routers are good, but they do not always provide the security that an individual wants or needs.

Internet wireless cards also offer higher speeds at the moment than cell phones. 3 gigs is a common speed on the cards, while the phones offer 1.5 gigs. The speed difference may not matter for most office users. Gamers will want to stay connected to the higher speed options, so the DSL and Cable modem service providers will not disappear entirely. This type of Internet card is a good option for office and professionals on the go. Of course, the technology will continue to improve and become more affordable as time goes on.

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