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Mp3 Car Adapter - How To Choose An MP3 Car Adapter

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Many cars come with the ability to play mp3 music through the car stereo system. This allows car owners to play their favorite music while in the car easily and without the need to carry multiple cassettes or compact discs. While newer model cars may come with a feature that allows for mp3 integration, older cars may need an mp3 car adapter for them to be able to play music through the car stereo.

Some mp3 car adapters may be universal, meaning they can be used with many different types of mp3 players while others may be mp3 player specific. Often mp3 car adapters come paired with a car charger that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter port, allowing car owners to charge their mp3 player while listening to it.

Cassette mp3 car adapters were among the first mp3 car adapters to be introduced. They allowed users to plug their mp3 player into an adapter and play music through the car’s stereo system by using a cassette. These mp3 car adapters are still available and are most often used for older cars that do not feature a compact disc player.

Plug in mp3 car adapters such as adapters that are plugged into a cigarette lighter may come with a dock to hold the mp3 player, or may just be used to charge the player. Some plug in mp3 car adapters may incorporate the use of radio channels in order to play music such as FM or AM stations. This combined mp3 car adapters can allow for an mp3 player to be played in the car while charging the battery.

For those who have a compact disc car stereo system, plug in mp3 car adapters that use radio stations are often the best option. These adapters use empty stations that may be programmed for optimal reception in order to play music through the car stereo using the mp3 player. Radio station mp3 car adapters may not always have optimal reception in some areas where radio signals are weak such as far removed from the city or in mountainous areas.

Cars that have integrated mp3 player access may need to use an mp3 car adapter to allow their mp3 player to play properly. This is often the case when the car stereo does not have a port that fits the mp3 player such as is experienced with off branded mp3 players or cell phones. Some phones that play mp3 music may have a smaller size port than mp3 players and may require the use of a special mp3 car adapter in order to play music from it.

Some mp3 players may allow for mp3 car adapters to play music through the headphone jack or through a USB port. When playing through the headphone jack it may be necessary to purchase a longer plug in order to properly play music if the case of the mp3 player does not accommodate standard plugs. For USB mp3 car adapters it may be necessary to find one that fits the type of USB port, whether micro, mini or standard USB sizes. Often it is possible to find mp3 car adapter kits that include a number of the most popular mp3 player adapters, allowing car owners to find one that fits their mp3 player needs.

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