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Engineering Director Jobs - What Can You Expect With Engineering Director Jobs?

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If Engineering is something you’re profoundly interested in making a career out of, you might be interested in a glimpse at where your career could take you, years down the road. Engineering Directors are powerful figures in any manufacturing or construction companies, and their level of responsibility can represent a highly rewarding challenge for anyone who possesses the prerequisite traits.


Under most circumstances, a Bachelor’s in any of the Engineering Sciences is sufficient to qualify an employee for Engineering Director jobs. However, spending a number of years on the lower tiers of responsibility over a company’s engineering projects before being given a Director’s position is a likely scenario. Most personnel coordinators would prefer that their Directors have a wealth of experience in the inner workings of their unique corporate body before handing them the reigns.

In fact, it is not uncommon for Engineering Director jobs to require candidates to have 8 to 10 years of hands-on experience before they can even be considered. This is to ensure that a potential Director has the ability to excel in inter-personnel communications and team building, in addition to the knowledge of the hard sciences of engineering. Most companies are looking for individuals who are able to communicate information to non-technical officers of the company just as effectively as they can to their engineering teams.


The most important thing to understand about Engineering Director jobs is the difference in the role that people at the director level play, as opposed to their subordinate engineers. In many ways, the Director of Engineering serves as a go-between from the corporate goal-setters, and the engineering and manufacturing personnel that are responsible for actually carrying projects through to completion.

The Director of Engineering usually tries to delegate individual responsibilities over the course of any given project to his Junior and Senior engineers on staff, which frees his hands to be able to assess how well the project as a whole is coming together. They are “big picture” people, and could be given charge of overseeing projects that can represent significant investments on the part of their employers. As such, pressures to complete projects to proper specifications, as well as completing them on time and within budget, can generate stress under certain circumstances. That having been said, this is certainly a line of work for those who enjoy a strong sense of accomplishment after helping to build something truly large and tangible.


While individual travel obligations will depend largely on the nature and scope of the work your company does, it is true that many engineering managers and directors are responsible for coordinating projects that may transcend state borders. In many cases, they will need to be responsible for splitting their time between overseeing active undertakings in the engineering field, and ensuring that proper reporting and documentation of budgeting and expenditures is maintained via an office of some sort. They may be responsible for properly overseeing construction that is taking place at more than one site, or they may need to report back to corporate headquarters on a semi-regular basis in order to give upper management progress reports and presentations.

As such, regular travel is to be expected. While this may represent it’s own set of inconveniences, particularly when it comes to overseas travel by air, most reputable companies do a very good job of making traveling as comfortable as possible for their employees.


Most any career in the Engineering field can be expected to be highly lucrative, even for those that are fresh out of school. Engineering Director jobs are certainly no exception. After obtaining enough experience with the company, and rising to this level of management, salaries between $100,000 and $120,000 are considered to be the median. These technical middle managers are invaluable resources to any corporate body, and they are paid accordingly.

If you have a deep love for the hard sciences, with a talent for communication to boot, you could find yourself being very well-rewarded for your talents if you choose this as a long-term career path.

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