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North Carolina Board Of Nursing

licensure nurses healthcare provider

There are many types of North Carolina healthcare providers that are subject to mandatory licensure by the North Carolina Board of Nursing. This includes but is not limited to Registered Nurses (RN’s), Nurse Practitioners (NP’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM’s). Once the education requirements have been fulfilled the healthcare provider will need to apply for licensure with the NC Board of Nursing in order to obtain licensure to be able to practice in the State of North Carolina. The Board of Nursing can also provide additional ongoing services, such as licensure renewal, policy clarification and continuing educational opportunities for its members.

In addition to providing regulation, licensure and oversight, the Board of Nursing also helps to develop the specific scope of practice for its licensees. Nursing rules and policies are continually reviewed and evaluated by the Board and may be changed or revised as necessary. Policy and regulatory information is available on the Board of Nurse’s website in the form of decision trees and position statements. These documents are an excellent source of information and an educational opportunity for all health care practitioners, whether they are new to the healthcare profession or are experienced veterans of their field. The availability of this information provides an efficient way of keeping up to date on any changes in health care procedures as they occur.

The North Carolina Board of Nurses holds board meetings on a regular basis to discuss a variety of issues including disciplinary decisions, legislature clarification and licensure revocation. The minutes of these board meetings are available for review on the Board of Nursing website at no cost. These board meetings are open for the general public to attend, and provide good insight regarding the internal workings and programs offered by the NC Board of Nursing. The Alternative Program (AP) is a private program that is available to healthcare providers that may have chemical dependency issues. The program includes an assessment, confirmation of dependency and organized treatment plan to assist the health care provider towards the road to recovery. Not all providers will be eligible for this program, and eligibility is determined on an individual case-by-case basis.

The North Carolina Board of Nursing website provides a way to check the licensure status of a licensee in real time. You can search by name, social security number or license number if you wish to verify the validity of a license or to check for a history of disciplinary actions against a health care provider. Individuals can also file a complaint with the board about a licensee by using the available complaint form on the NC Board of Nursing website. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Nursing Board will notify the nurse or healthcare provider of the pending complaint and will initiate an investigation. After a full investigation has been completed, the Board of Nursing will reach a conclusion and decide what, if any, disciplinary or corrective action can be taken against the provider.

For businesses or advertisers looking to reach a specific North Carolina Healthcare audience, you may contact the Board of Nursing to make a data request and to obtain a mailing list using the parameters or criteria of your choice. For example, you can request only nurses who work in the emergency room, or only Licensed Practical Nurses who work in ICU. This is a great form of carefully targeted advertising that can be obtained for a nominal fee. This information is available for purchase on labels or on compact disk. You will need to send your data request and payment by regular postal mail to the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

The North Carolina Board of Nursing provides licensure, regulation and oversight to nurses who practice nursing in the State of North Carolina. The Board of Nursing is located at 4516 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 27606. The NC Board of Nursing can be reached by phone at (919) 733-5356.

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