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Women's Bomber Jacket - A Women's Bomber Jacket Equals Style

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Due to the military presence overseas and public concern about it, all things military are in style. BDUs, once worn by soldiers only, are now in the public domain and are worn everywhere. Backpacks with a military style are used by school children every day. Motorcyclists and men who wear work boots wear boots with a military look. The military craze is not limited to men. Women, too, wear military surplus clothing and jackets. Women, too, carry their necessities in a backpack with military style. Women, as well, enjoy wearing pea coats and jackets as warm and with as many pockets as men’s jackets. A women’s bomber jacket is stylish.

Bomber jackets had their start in World War I when European pilots needed warm coats in which to fly. Americans noticed this trend and developed their own. Mostly brown, they were made of shearling leather and very warm. From this, Hollywood saw the light and covered their stars in leather bomber jackets like Jimmy Stewart when he appeared in The Western Night Passage and Gary Cooper when he starred in For Whom The Bell Tolls. More recently, the Fonz caused a furor that never stopped with his bomber jacket. Annette Bening and Sarah Jessica Parker are guilty of making a fashion statement for women everywhere by wearing a women’s bomber jacket. And that was the birth of a giant.

Like any article of clothing, the coats come in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Today’s fashionistas wear them cropped but with sleeves to the knuckles. Some jackets stop at the hip while others embrace the waist. Some have three-quarter length sleeves but others have long sleeves. Jackets are made that dust the finger tops. The coats are made in small which hugs the body and large which is a little roomier. Jackets are produced in extra large for the plus size crowd. They are made for little girls and teens. Bomber jackets are made for young women and the young at heart. This is one article of clothing that spans generations: from little girls who once wore their grandfathers’ bomber jackets to the female executive of today.

Bomber jackets aren’t just made of leather. This versatile item is constructed of sheepskin, goatskin, cow and horse skins. They are produced in suede, nylon and acrylic. These don’t breathe and provide better protection for the pilot of yore or the lady of today. The jackets are made with linings of fleece, shearling, quilted lining, faux fur, satin lining, goose down and polyester. The coats come with or without hoods and the hoods come with or without linings. Pockets on these versatile jackets come in a variety: slash pockets, cargo pockets, zip and button pockets. They come with hip pockets and hidden-in-the-seam pockets. Pockets are located inside the coats as well. The collar of the coat can even be detached.

An important consideration in a coat is waterproofing the coat. Many manufacturers make a waterproof women’s bomber jacket. It is a simple matter to waterproof a coat if the manufacturer does not, however, fireproofing the jacket is another subject. That, too, is a vital consideration. A type of jacket that is flame resistant is made of Nomex, out of which fire department personnel clothing is made in addition to race car drivers’ clothing. Most don’t think of a consideration like flame retardant clothing, although infants’ jumpers are constructed with this in mind. Accidents can happen and it is well to be prepared with properly protective clothing like a waterproof and/or flame retardant jacket.

What began as a manner of keeping pilots at war warm quickly became a fashion giant. When Americans saw their heroes wear bomber jackets, pride exploded for it was a time when heroes strode the earth or flew the skies. It was an era of simplicity on the homefront kept that way by men doing difficult work. That they did this work garbed in cool clothing crept into mainstream fashion. It was about respect for those men that their jackets became the one thing people had to have. Everyone has a picture on the mantel of ancestors in uniform. We carry on the tradition of respect in wearing their jackets.

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