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Schwinn Fitness Equipment - Schwinn Fitness Equipment Options

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Everyone is aware of Schwinn’s leading position in the bicycle industry, but somehow, the word never got around about their exercise equipment. Schwinn fitness equipment is actually some of the most respected home equipment and always receives good reviews by fitness experts. Schwinn fitness equipment comes in three different types: exercise bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.

Schwinn was founded as a bicycle company by Ignaz Schwinn, a German immigrant to America, in 1891. This was the time of the first bicycle boom, before the widespread use of the automobile. As motorized vehicles took over the road, Schwinn’s business savvy led him and his new Chicago factory to weather the sales and emerge as the undisputed leader in bicycle manufacturing. Schwinn fitness equipment was born in 1966 when Schwinn Bicycles formed the new Schwinn Fitness company.

The first piece of Schwinn fitness equipment to be produced, of course, was the exercise bike. Their product was aptly named the Exerciser bike and was considered an innovation that revolutionized home fitness. The technology used for their exercise bikes, including their award-winning perimeter-weighted flywheel, was eventually adapted for use in a new line of recumbent exercise bikes and elliptical trainers.

In 2010, a entirely new line of Schwinn fitness equipment was introduced across the board. Two new models of recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and treadmills along with three new models of elliptical trainers have taken the industry by storm and are poised to take up leading positions in sales figures. Here are the top models of the new 2010 lineup:

Recumbent Bikes
The Schwinn 240 Recumbent bike is a simple machine with deluxe features. It features ergonomic pedals with a 1-degree tilt feature that allows for perfect alignment with your hip, knee, and ankle. The seat features comfortable padding and dual-position lumbar support. The adjustable console has 17 programs and controls the 16 resistance levels offered by the bike. The perimeter-weighted flywheel allows for a smooth feel that resembles a true road experience. Finally, the bike has an integrated heart rate monitor so you can adjust your workout accordingly. This model sells for $449.

Upright Bikes
This is the strongest type of Schwinn fitness equipment and is what they are known for. The Schwinn 140 Upright Bike has several integrated comfort features that include reading rack, water bottle holder, and transport wheels. The dual-density pedals have the same 1-degree tilt feature as their recumbent bikes for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort. Exercising is also made more comfortable with adjustable handlebars and console and a seat with extra-width. This bike also has large stabilizers so you have a smooth ride with no shaking. The computer has 18 workout programs available and 16 resistance levels. This model sells for $349.

Elliptical Trainers
Schwinn elliptical trainers were developed by simply making some ergonomic and design adjustments to their stationary bike technology. The Schwinn 420 Elliptical uses the patented BioGlide motion technology for long, smooth strides and a natural elliptical path. The handles are also ergonomically designed that allow for a variety of workout positions. The stabilizers are oversized, like on the Schwinn 140 upright bike, to reduce shaking and vibration. The computer has 12 workout programs and 16 resistance levels. There is also an integrated heart rate monitor in the handles. This elliptical sells for $599.

Schwinn is not known for their treadmills, and they are the weakest link in the lineup of Schwinn fitness equipment. However, if you are just looking for a small treadmill for a daily 30-minute job, the Schwinn 860 is more than adequate for the job. This is the top treadmill offered by Schwinn. It folds for storage purposes and has a 3.0 horsepower motor. The surface area is 20” x 58”. The treadmill inclines up to 12% and has a maximum speed of 12 mph. The computer supports an included heart rate monitor with grip sensors while storing 20 workout programs. This treadmill sells for $1,399.

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