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Women's Dress Sandals - Types of Women's Dress Sandals

women’s strap ankle heel

When it comes to shoes, women have a much greater range of choices than men. While it seems counterintuitive, women are blessed with a choice known as women’s dress sandals. In some cases, this is just a name, because some types of women’s dress sandals are really more of a regular shoe. The criteria that define a sandal are not set in stone, which also greatly increases sandal options. Women’s dress sandals can be high or low, strapped or strapless, and in light or dark colors. They are made in styles that look good with any dress or other formal wear, with the exception of business-formal. If you are considering women’s dress sandals for your outfit, here are the types that you can consider:

Ankle Strap Sandals – Ankle strap sandals are considered glamorous but have a tinge of retro to them. Be sure your ankle strap sandals have a soft leather lining for maximum comfort.

Ribbon Sandals – This type of women’s dress sandals can be flat or with elevated heels. They are set apart by the ribbon that crosses around the ankle or leg in lieu of a traditional strap. Ribbons can be made of nylon, silk, velvet, fur, or other materials.

Slip-on Sandals – Slip-on sandals are considered to be some of the most comfortable of women’s dress sandals. They do not use a strap, but are kept on the feet by the vamp and the toe. These sandals are flat and very lightweight.

Mule Sandals – Mule sandals are the cousin of slip-on sandals. They have no straps or buckles, but are supported by the vamp and toe. They are characterized by being backless but with short or mid-sized heels.

Stiletto Sandals – While most people consider the stiletto to be a standard shoe, some say it is a type of women’s dress sandal. They have high, thin heels and are extremely sexy, showing off a woman’s legs. They are usually backless. Stiletto sandals are considered to be the most fashionable style of women’s dress sandals, but they are definitely not for everyone or for every type of dress.

Platform sandals – Platform sandals are great for women who want the lift of heels without the discomfort. They can actually be cross-styled with mules, strap sandals, or other styles.

Wedges – This type of women’s dress sandals gets their name by their wedge-shaped heel. These are a worldly, cosmopolitan style of heel. They give the same lift and shapeliness of a heel without having to balance because the sole reaches from toe to heel. This style works best with loose or flowing garments.

Espadrilles – This sandal is characterized by the sole and straps that are made from fibers coiled into rope-like strands. The fibers can be natural or artificial, and the toe can be opened or closed. The heel can be low, mid, or high, and they can also come without ankle straps.

Flip-flops – Most flip-flops are decidedly casual and made only for the beach, but some new styles definitely fall into the category of women’s dress shoes. Flip-flops are characterized by the single thin strap and single toe separator. They can be cushioned or hard-leather. Some have padding and others do not.

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