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Restaurant Equipment Used - Save Money with Restaurant Equipment Used Previously

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Many talented chefs and potential restaurateurs have the skills and ideas to put together a successful restaurant but are stopped by a lack of initial capital. Without a bankroll, a super-high credit rating, or a group of investors, the hopes and dreams of otherwise brilliant restaurant personalities are left in the dust. One way that is commonly used to get around a lack of funds in starting a restaurant is buying restaurant equipment used previously instead of brand new equipment. However, there are hazards involved with restaurant equipment used previously that could make the endeavor fall through if not done properly.

There are definitely advantages to buying new restaurant equipment over used restaurant equipment. Before you commit to buying restaurant equipment used, you should consider whether you can live without any of the following advantages:

  • Efficiency – New equipment is more efficient than older equipment. Newer technologies tend to use less energy and have tighter mechanics. If you find used restaurant equipment that has been well-maintained, the efficiency may still be at peak levels.
  • Lifespan – Generally-speaking, new equipment has a longer lifespan than used restaurant equipment. Again, this is not necessarily true. It depends on how it was used and maintained by the previous owner or owners.
  • Warranty – Having a warranty is great protection against breakdowns and you do not get this with used equipment. However, in some cases, new equipment breaks down the week after the warranty expires, and you end up having to pay for expensive repairs or new equipment. You just never know.

If you can live without these advantages of new equipment and plan on buying restaurant equipment used previously, you can benefit by following a few tips. These tips will help you get the most for your money when it comes to used equipment for a restaurant.

1. Determine how much use the equipment has gotten. It is a matter of fact that 60% of all restaurants fail in the first three years of business. This can afford you great opportunities at buying used restaurant equipment. In some cases, you may be able to research where the equipment came from, but in other cases, you will have to take the seller’s word for it.

2. Buy quality brands. Some brands are known for having a longer lifespan than other brands. Always buy brands that are recognized for quality. Such brands include Wolf, Vulcan, Garland, Delfield, and Traulsen.

3. Gas cooking equipment has traditionally been known to outlast electric cooking equipment. This is because gas equipment has fewer moving parts. You will have to make sure the connections are set up for the type of gas that is available to you. In any case, you should have the equipment inspected before you make a final purchase.

4. Even though gas restaurant equipment used previously is recommended over electric equipment, be careful of used gas deep-fryers. Gas deep fryers are known to be high-risk equipment, and when they fail, the results can be disastrous because they operate with an open flame.

It can take a lot of work to find restaurant equipment used previously. Sometimes, you can find the equipment, but it is not always in a condition worth buying. You have three main ways available to you to find used restaurant equipment.

The first place is from a used equipment dealer. There may or may not be one in your area. Before you choose one, make sure the dealer has a guarantee that the equipment is functional and can be returned for a refund if it is not.

The second place to find used restaurant equipment is at an auction. Check your newspaper classifieds or call around to local auctioneers to determine when used equipment is available for sale.

The last, and best, option is to locate restaurants that may be closing soon and talk directly to the owner. You may be able to get better prices for the equipment if you can get to the owner before he puts his equipment up for sale through a dealer or auctioneer.

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