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Student Discount Travel - How to Get Student Discount Travel

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Being a student has several perks and many companies try to make the difficult life of students just a little bit easier. One of the greatest perks of being in school is getting student discount travel. Most every travel provider offers some sort of discount for students. No matter if you prefer to go by bus, train, or plane, student discount travel tickets are available. In cases where you cannot get discounts directly from the travel company, special student discount cards can be obtained that will save you money on travel. In addition to getting discounts on tickets, you can also get discounts on hotel stays and rental cars.

The most used student discount travel benefit is student airfares. These special airfare rates are available to full-time and half-time students, but there are often age limits associated with the rates. Many airlines limit tickets to students 26 years of age or younger. Student airfare is not only highly discounted over regular tickets, but the tickets are usually more flexible than standard non-refundable tickets. In cases where an airline does not offer student discount travel, Student Universe and STA Travel are two online travel agents that specialize in selling student tickets. Other student travel agents include Travelosophy and Premiere Travel.

Student discount travel is also available for rail service in both the United States and Europe. In the U.S., the major rail provider is Amtrak, and they have discounts of up to 15% off regular prices. It is always recommended, though, to check for other discounts provided by Amtrak before making a purchase. In some cases, other discounts or promotions will yield a lower rate. In Europe the major rail carrier for student discount travel is Eurail. Many of the country-specific train services do not have discounts.

Bus tickets are another way to get student discount travel deals. Greyhound bus tickets are given through the Student Advantage Card. The Student Advantage Card discount can be stacked with Greyhounds regular promotions, unlike Amtrak where you must choose one or the other. The card is available both online and at any Greyhound bus station.

Hotel student travel discounts are more difficult to find. The best way to get them is to secure a student discount travel deal for a complete vacation package. The student deals on a hotel alone may not be available. Many students save on accommodations overseas by staying in hostels instead of hotels.

Many student discount offers are time-based or seasonal. One of the best times to get great deals on student travel is Spring break. During spring break many hotels and airlines have special rates for students. This is also a great time for package rates that can include airfare, hotel, and possibly a rental car. Many of these packages are to some of the more exotic locations in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

Another way to get student discount travel is to book group travel. If you have a group of friends and students that would all like to travel to the same location, check on student group discounts. These prices on airfare and especially on hotel rates can be far less than the student rate for an individual.

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