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Mens Slim Jeans - Shopping for Mens Slim Jeans

men’s wear skinny styles

While women have made it fashionable to wear skinny jeans on and off for several years, a more recent trend has been in men’s slim jeans. Men’s slim jeans are definitely a fashion trend for the younger generation. The style was first made popular by those wishing to exude a mod retro look, and then it carried over into the emo crowd. The style is not loved by everyone. Older men have neither the bodies nor the desire to wear men’s skinny jeans.

Men’s skinny jeans are considered by some to be very sexy, while others believe that they are too revealing. Many styles of these jeans are made of a stretch material, so they can grip the legs as closely as possible while still allowing for a full range of movement. If you are looking to “rock up” your lifestyle, the right skinny jeans might just be the thing you have been looking for.

Many men ask how they can best wear skinny jeans. The best answer is that you do not wear men’s slim jeans. Men’s slim jeans wear you. You must already have a slender or slight build to carry them well. The only way to tell if they look good on you is to try them on. You will instantly know whether they are right for you or not. However, do not give up after trying on a single pair. Often, one brand or color will look better on you than another.

If men’s skinny jeans do look good on you, you have several options for tops. You can simply wear a plain white or solid-colored tee-shirt. Many men wear the tee-shirt tucked in with a short-sleeved button-up that is unbuttoned. Fitted slim button-up tees work well with men’s slim jeans. Avoid v-necked shirts or sweaters at any cost. They are not very complementary to slim jeans. You should also avoid loose or baggy shirts. They will only make you appear more feminine.

A simple belt is the best accessory for men’s slim jeans. Do not wear a large or gaudy buckle, because it becomes accentuated by slim jeans to the point of looking cartoonish and gaudy. As for shoes, you have a choice of Converse All-Stars, also known as Chuck Taylors, or Vans if you want to go for a casual sneaker. You can also wear black boots with slim jeans, depending on the exact style you are going for.

There are many brands and styles of men’s slim jeans to choose from. If you need a place to start, there are a few brands that are popularly known to be of high quality that will provide you the greatest fit and the longest life:

  • Levi – Levi is a leader in all styles of jeans, so it is not so surprising they make some of the most popular men’s slim jeans. They come in dark blue, gray, and black and most cost less than $50. The best of their collection are the Skinny 511 jeans and the Super Skinny 510s.
  • True Religion – These jeans are much more expense at around the $200 mark, but they come in many more colors and styles, such as black, High Plains dark, white, graphite, pebble and body rinse.
  • Rock & Republic – Rock & Republic men’s slim jeans are sold at many of the high-class department stores and are considered very fashionable. Their jeans run $200 and up, but they are uniquely their own. They are made from a blend of cotton and Spandex and are available in such styles as white with a gray overlay and black with gray dots on the pockets.
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