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Logistics Management Jobs - Outlook for Logistics Management Jobs

supply chain managers salary

Logistics management jobs have become increasingly important over the years. In fact, these positions are so important that the world would literally fall apart without good people filling them. Also known as supply chain management, those in logistics management jobs are responsible for everyone having access to the goods they require for everyday living. If the chain is not managed effectively, then we experience shortages and increased inflation on food, clothing, and other necessities we need to keep up our health and lifestyle.

The people in logistics management jobs are responsible for a product’s entire lifespan from the extraction or production of the raw materials to the retail store shelves where they are purchased by consumers. Supply chain management (SCM) is not only concerned with current product supply chains and distribution, but they must attempt to predict the future of the supply chain in terms of how many products will be needed and where. These predictions span the short term, as in next season, and the long-term, as in the next 5 to 10 years.

Logistics management jobs are the key to the financial success of any large company that does not solely deal with services. The bottom line is always the most important part of any business, and logistics managers make sure that costs are low and turnover is high on the wholesale and retail levels. When you are dealing with food and water, however, the supply chain is much more serious. An unbroken chain is necessary for human survival. For these reasons, those who fill logistics management jobs need to be highly motivated, highly energetic, and be able to analyze complex situations.

Getting into logistics management jobs starts with a good education. Employers are not only looking for graduates who have excelled in logistics, purchasing, business operations, and transportation, but they are looking for well-rounded individuals who excel in a number of basic fields such as accounting, marketing, and business management. Other important classes and topics of study for logistics management jobs includes inventory, inventory forecasting, sourcing, reverse logistics, outsourcing, global supply issues, and product design.

The number of logistics management jobs is expected to grow by over 20% through 2018. This is much higher than the 8% to 10% average for all jobs in the United States. The downside is that competition for these jobs is also expected to grow as more students enter these programs. This means that even though more jobs are opening up, you may not even be considered for them unless you are at the top of your class.

Employers hiring for logistics management jobs include every sort of manufacturer and third-party logistics management providers. Many companies find it to be more economical to use a third-party logistics management specialist company instead of using in-house logistics managers. Other industries that hire for logistics management jobs are retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

In 2007, the median starting salary for college graduates entering logistics management jobs was $45,771. The salary level varies depending on the industry in which employees are hired and the experience employees have in the job. Experiences supply chain managers earn an average salary of $89,300 and executives make anywhere from $200,000 to $254,000 annually.

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