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Natural Gas Outdoor Grill - The Benefits of a Natural Gas Outdoor Grill

propane line grills food

One of the newest types of outdoor grills to really gain a level of popularity is the natural gas outdoor grill. Of course, there is little you can do to sway a die-hard charcoal or hardwood outdoor grill-master, but for those who love cooking on gas, a natural gas outdoor grill has some features and benefits beyond what are provided by standard propone grills.

Lately, many manufacturers of gas grills have been coming out with versions that have been adapted for natural gas, so you do not always have to look for a completely separate model. If you find a model of propane grill that you really like, but want a natural gas outdoor grill, check to see if it is available. Chances are that it is, but do not buy a propane grill thinking that you can simply connect it to a natural gas line without any consequences.

Propane burns up to three times as hot as natural gas so an entirely different regulator is required to get enough gas through the grill to cook your food. Also, the connections are for propane and natural gas are not the same size, so you would have to modify the grill or your gas line to get it connected in the first place.

A natural gas outdoor grill has several advantages and offers many benefits over propane. Here are the top benefits that you will notice from your natural gas grill:

1. Unlimited Fuel – This is not entirely true, but you won’t have to worry about changing out propane tanks anymore. You simply connect the grill to the natural gas line that is already in your home. This gives you a constant supply of gas to get you through your event, party, or meal without the frustration of having to make a trip to exchange tanks with your food sitting on the grill halfway cooked.

2. Price – Natural gas is less expensive than propane, and charcoal, too, for that matter. Although the price varies depending on your location and gas provider, you will find you are paying up to 3 times less for natural gas than for propane.

3. Clean Burn – Natural gas burns cleaner than propane and charcoal. Every type of fuel releases chemicals and/or particulate matter as a byproduct of combustion, but natural gas releases the least. This gives your food the best taste, makes it healthier, and it is better for the environment.

As with all products, the natural gas grill is not all sunshine and roses. There are some drawbacks to using them, also. However, the few disadvantages of a natural gas grill rarely persuade someone into buying propane. Here are the disadvantages:

1. Wood or Smoke Flavor – Gas grills do not naturally give off a woody or smoky flavoring to your food. In fact, natural gas does very little to change the natural taste of your food at all. To get a smoky flavor, you will have to buy a smoker box. This is a little metal box with holes in it. You put wood chips that have been soaked in water in the box and place it in the bottom of the grill. The heat will cause the wood chips to smoke.

2. Installation – A natural gas outdoor grill requires installation because it is not a freestanding unit. It is connected to the natural gas line of your home. If you do not have an extra natural gas connector leading outside, you may have to install a new line onto your master natural gas line. This will have to be done by a professional because of the volatility of natural gas. Even a small leak can have fatal consequences because the supply of gas is not limited.

3. Portability – Natural gas outdoor grills are not portable. They are connected to the natural gas line at your home. This even limits you as to where the grill can be placed in your own backyard.

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