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Car Insurance Breakdown Cover - Choosing Car Insurance Breakdown Cover

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One of the worst possible situations in modern driving is when your car breaks down on the open road. There was once a time when someone with only basic auto mechanical knowledge had a chance of fixing minor problems and at least getting back home or to a garage for professional repairs. However, with today’s computerized parts and components there is often nothing that can be done without calling a towing service and having someone pick it up.

This dilemma where modern cars have a disadvantage in break down situations has been a boon to the insurance breakdown cover industry. It is not only possible to get an insurance breakdown cover option, but it is a necessity, and you don’t always have to pay a fortune for this protection and peace of mind. Cheap car breakdown cover options are available with most insurance companies for only a few dollars each month and even less when you pay your 6-month policy in a lump sum.

Car insurance breakdown cover options are indispensible for those times when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you do not know how to get in touch with any repair or towing services nearby. This coverage is also great for those times when your car breaks down in heavy traffic or late at night in dangerous environments.

Many people choose to ignore the car insurance breakdown cover options available with their auto insurance policy. Most of this is due to not understanding exactly what it is and what it covers. Some people who own their cars outright simply carry the minimum required liability insurance and never look at the other options. Even people who have extra personal injury protection, comprehensive, and collision coverage, often end their insurance service there.

Understanding car insurance breakdown cover options requires that you become familiar with some of the standard options available. The basic cheap car breakdown cover option is called roadside recovery or roadside assistance. This type of coverage is akin to the service provided by AAA. If your car breaks down, you call the service number and a tow truck or service truck will come to your assistance. Included services include lock-out service, towing, battery charging, and fuel delivery. You will have to pay for the fuel. Repairs are not covered. You will still have to pay a mechanic for parts and labor.

Breakdown repair cover is a type of insurance breakdown cover option that includes repairs on specific parts of your car. This type of cover may be available at several different levels, with each level covering more types of repairs and being more expensive. Full coverage for repairs is much like a full warranty. All repairs are covered except for those that must be done regularly. Excluded repairs are oil, brake shoes, tires, hoses, spark plugs, filters, coolant, muffler, belts, stereo/sound equipment, body parts, and paint.

The car insurance breakdown cover options must be read carefully. Sometimes there is a deductible involved for repair coverage. Sometimes only a percentage of the repair cost is covered. Every insurance company has unique provisions. One extra feature you might want to add on is rental car reimbursement. This will allow you to rent a car up to a daily maximum dollar amount while your car is being repaired. This can be very helpful when you need to get somewhere but cannot wait for your car to be repaired. It is possible that it might not even be looked at until the next day, or longer if it is a Friday night or a Saturday.

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