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Mens Titanium Watches - Buying Guide for Mens Titanium Watches

men’s popular metal metals

Fine watches were once limited to the few precious rare metals that were considered worthy of them, such as gold and silver. Stainless steel watches have always been acceptable for laymen and those who couldn’t afford the finer metals, but in the past decade, some watch manufacturers have been able to make stainless steel a fashionable status symbol with a price tag to match. Even more recently, alternative metals have come onto the scene both in men’s watches and jewelry. One of these metals is titanium. Men’s titanium watches have grown exponentially in popularity in the past couple of years because of their appearance and characteristics, and trendiness.

The single factor that makes titanium men’s watches what they are is, of course, titanium. Titanium is one of the more recently discovered metals, having become known in 1791 by a British vicar who was also an amateur geologist. Titanium is a chemical element that has the chemical symbol of Ti and the atomic number 22. It is often referred to as a “space age” metal because of its properties, which make it extremely durable, lustrous, and resistant to corrosion while also being lightweight due to its low density.

Titanium is non-toxic and does not react with the chemicals produced by the human body. This inert quality makes it not only perfect for jewelry, but also for medical instruments and metals that are inserted into the open body such as in the case of piercings.

Men’s titanium watches are extremely durable, even more so than stainless steel. In fact, it is 40% more durable than stainless steel while having only half the weight. Raw titanium is a very inexpensive metal. It is also one of the most abundant elements on Earth. The problem is that the process through which it is refined and shaped is extensive and expensive. This makes men’s titanium watches pricier than men’s stainless steel watches of equal quality.

Titanium has a white crystalline structure that also gives it dull gray shine that has become very desirable in jewelry. It can be polished or brushed depending on your preference. Titanium can also come in various shades through an anodizing process.

Titanium is very popular for sports and fitness enthusiasts because it is lightweight and does not react to sweat. It is especially popular with divers because it will not react with water, whether it is fresh or saltwater.

Men’s titanium watches are not subject to corrosion. The metal actually creates a strong oxide film that surrounds the outside of the metal that cannot be rubbed or wiped off. This protects it from corroding even when exposed to salt or saltwater.

Not so long ago, only a handful of companies sold men’s titanium watches. Today, every notable watch manufacturer sells at least one model of men’s titanium watch. Some have only the case made of metal, but other men’s titanium watches use the metal for the inner workings and for the band, also. While some like the look of a men’s titanium watch with a leather or rubber watchband, the most popular men’s titanium watches are those with a titanium band of the same shade.

Among the most popular brands of men’s titanium watches are Skagen. The Skagen 170LTTM is a simple watch with a dark brushed titanium case and a titanium mesh band. It sells for only $85. The Skagen blue-faced 233LTMN is also popular and sells for only $95. Citizen sells many popular men’s titanium watches including the BM6060-57F Eco-Drive 180 WR100 for $150 and the BL5250-02L Eco-Drive with leather strap for $240. Other popular brands of men’s titanium watches are Casio, Seiko, Fossil, Tissot, and Invicta.

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