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Fort Myers Beach Rentals - Fort Myers Beach Rentals

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Fort Myers Beach is a small town of 6,500 full-time residents on Estero Island, just across the Intracoastal from Fort Myers. Estero Island is known for having the safest beaches in America because the Gulf of Mexico waters carry no undertow and are so shallow that you can walk around the entire island a great distance from the shore. The town, which occupies the island in its entirety, is a haven for tourists who occupy the hundreds of moderately-priced Fort Myers Beach rentals.

Fort Myers Beach was first settled in 1914, before that being nothing more than an occasional stop for pirates and explorers. The first bridge linking the island to the nearby mainland was constructed soon after in 1921. The town never really took off as a permanent home, but tens of thousands of tourists visit the area every year. Although there are numerous hotels, many tourists prefer accommodations that are larger and provide more amenities, namely the Fort Myers Beach rentals.

Tourists who stay in Fort Myers Beach rentals enjoy many amenities that are not available to hotel guests. First, Fort Myers Beach rentals are homes that are rented out instead of lived in year-round. As such, they have full kitchens, and washer/dryers as basic amenities. Some of the more luxurious Fort Myers Beach rentals have home theater rooms, game rooms, private swimming pools, outdoor patios for entertaining, grilling out, or just relaxing, and romantic balconies looking over the Gulf.

There are several types of Fort Myers Beach rentals available. Some visitors prefer a condominium unit. This affords guests the amenities available for all condominium owners and guests. Many of these condos have multiple swimming pools, Jacuzzis, tennis courts, restaurants, and concierge services that you can take advantage of at your leisure. The top-floor units also have the most spectacular views no matter which side of the island you are looking out over.

Some visitors prefer other types of Fort Myers Beach rentals, such as townhomes, villas, or cottages. These types of rentals are usually in a complex, also, with a wide variety of amenities of available. The major differences are that you have a little space between you and your neighbors and you are closer to the ground. This means that you are closer to the beach and the other nearby attractions. There is no need to wade through hallways, elevators, lobbies, and other common rooms just to get outside.

Another popular type of Fort Myers Beach rentals is the single-family home. These rentals come in a wide variety and can be as small as a one-bedroom, or can be as large as a 6-bedroom. In some cases, you may find a beach house even larger. These beach houses are perfect when you are traveling with a large group. It will save you money over separate rentals for each person or couple in your party. Some of these beach houses are very affordable. You can find them up to 4-bedroom homes for as little as $99/night. However, if you are looking for luxury, you can find a beachfront home with three to five bedrooms for between $2000 and $4500/week.

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