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Easton Baseball Bat - Everything About Easton Baseball Bats

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Easton-Bell Sports Inc. is the official company title of this sports equipment company. They are one of the sports industries’ leading design and manufacturing companies. Easton-Bell Sports Inc. markets officially license sporting equipment under popular brand names, including: Easton, Riddell, Giro, Blackburn and Bell. Easton has been designing and developing sports equipment of the highest quality for over eighty years. The Easton brand prides itself on combining the highest levels of innovation with the latest technology in order to produce sports equipment with the most competitive amount of functionality.

The game of baseball is highly regarded as American’s favorite pastime. However, baseball has spread and gained quite large amounts of popularity in countries all around the world. The game of baseball is played on a large field, with nine players on each team. The game is played with a baseball and a bat. One of the most popular types of bats, for good reason, is the bats manufactured by Easton. Easton has been consistently setting the bar for baseball and softball products, producing some of the industries’ best: playing gloves, batting gloves, helmets, catching gear and baseball bats.

The first aluminum Easton baseball bat was produce in 1969. This was a ground breaking invention because baseball bats made from aluminum are much lighter and more effective than traditional wooden bats. These aluminum baseball bats are used all over the country by little leaguers, as well as high school and college players. However, aluminum baseball bats are not allowed to be used by professional players in Major League Baseball, because of the unfair statistical advantages they would give modern day players over pre-modern day players. The aluminum bats made by Easton, and all other aluminum bats, are also much more dangerous than traditional wooden bats; because baseballs fly off them at significantly higher speeds. This would decrease the time players would have to react to a base ball flying at them at speeds higher than one-hundred miles per hour. The danger for major league players would be the greatest due to their above average levels of strength and overall skill.

In 2006, new Easton baseball bats were developed using Carbon Nanotube Technology. This technology made bats more durable than steel at a fraction of the weight. Traditional bats have very small holes all over the outside of them, so a resin coating is applied to the bats to make them stronger. Easton incorporated the new Carbon Nanotube Technology into the resin that would be applied as a coating to the outside of their bats. The Carbon Nanotube Technology works by manipulating individual carbon molecules, forcing them to make their bonds in the shape of hexagons and pentagons. This means that the carbon chains stick to the other elements present on the bat creating a super strong and durable coating.

Easton baseball bats are some of the highest rated bats available on the market today. Two of these bats are the Easton Stealth and the Easton Synergy. The Easton Synergy baseball bat is made by using innovative technology patented by Easton, called “Easton IMX Technology.” This technology greatly increases bat speed, control and balance. These Easton baseball bats provide players with a lighter swing weight and a much faster swing speed. The Easton Stealth and Easton Synergy also have a very specific tapered grip that extends the barrel of the bat to provide more power. Both bats are currently listed for sale at $319.99. The Easton Stealth, however, combines IMX technology and a Sc999™ Triple 9 Alloy, to make it one of the most durable bats available.

These two bats are currently the most modern high performance bats that Easton has to offer, regarded as two of the most elite bats available on the market. They are just evidence of the commitment level Easton has made to consistently producing and marketing the best available sports equipment for athletes around the world. Easton baseball bats are without a doubt the finest bats available. Easton is a sports manufacturing company that strives to be the industries’ best, and they end up competing with themselves year after year to produce equipment better than the equipment they released the year before. The Easton brand is one of the most respected names in the sports manufacturing industry.

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