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San Jose California Real Estate

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Depending upon whether you plan to purchase San Jose California Real Estate during one of Silicon Valley’s economic booms or busts, you could encounter one of two scenarios.

When the economy is booming and red hot, there are virtually no homes available. When a house is listed for sale, dozens of buyers frantically bid up the already ridiculous asking price.

In a recession or bust, previously well-off high tech workers who paid astronomical prices for their homes get laid off. They have to sell their homes, and suddenly there is a surplus of housing stock at incredibly affordable prices.

One of the perplexing things about real estate in San Jose California is that there really is no middle ground. Either the economy is booming or it is not. If you are lucky enough to have stable employment during one of the high-tech industry’s periodic slumps, you can pick and choose among a variety of reasonably-priced housing options. While not cheap, they are more affordable in a downturn than a boom.

You can find suburban mansions in the foothills of Almaden or the Blossom Hill area, cozy cottages in Willow Glen, charming older homes in the Rose Garden District, and cutting edge urban condos in the downtown core. If you head towards the east hills you will find Old California-style bungalows in the Hillcrest neighborhood near Alum Rock and the historic San Jose Country Club.

Because of its reputation as a leader in high-tech innovation, San Jose attracts many people who want to work in industries which are on the cutting edge of technology. San Jose California’s real estate market is a roller coaster but if you buy at the right time you can own a beautiful home at a reasonable price.

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