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Morrisville is one of the fastest growing towns in the Raleigh area. It is adjacent to Cary, Durham and part of Raleigh. The Raleigh Airport is located in Morrisville.

There are many new home developments popping up along Church Street, McCrimmon Parkway, and Davis Drive. Some developments are strictly townhomes and some are mixed. The price ranges are varied and depend upon the size of the homes, the size of the land, and the options included.

You can even find a KB Homes development that is designed by Martha Stewart. Kitts Creek is a popular neighborhood. All the homes in this community are different. It is definitely not a cookie cutter look. You will find Victorians, Craftsman, and Bungalows to choose from. They offer 2 pools. One has a waterslide and the other is a baby pool. There is a children’s playground and gazebo too.

The new Walmart on Chapel Hill Road and the soon to be completed Triangle Parkway will only add to the attraction of the area.

You will find that prices have come down in Morrisville due to the economy, but things are still moving. Being close to Research Triangle Park makes it the perfect location for those that want an easy commute. Morrisville is located between I40 and 540, so commuting is easy to do.

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