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Real Estate Alexandria Virginia - Many choices in Alexandria Virginia Real Estate

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Adjacent to the nation’s capital, Alexandria has long been a bedroom community to thousands of civilian and government workers in Washington. It’s good public transportation system provides an easy commute or weekend outing to all that Washington has to offer. and most residents make a high income to match the high cost of living here. There are many choices when looking for real estate in Alexandria, Virginia.

The main area is Old Town along the Potomac river, a favorite of locals and tourists alike with many historic homes, shops, restaurants and art galleries. The central part of Alexandria is mostly single family homes. On the northwest side is the residential Del Ray neighborhood, which is dotted with bungalows of Craftsman style.

North of Del Ray and bordering Arlington, Virginia is the Chirilagua neighborhood, which is mostly Hispanic. Most markets and businesses here are Hispanic owned. Across from Del Ray is the Parker-Gray area, containing the most public housing in Alexandria Real Estate. The west end has a lot of apartments and condominiums, making it the most diverse part of the city.

It also has the cheapest housing within the Washington beltway, and is loaded with ethnic restaurants and grocery stores, plus a lot more supermarkets than Old Town. It holds the most industrial Real Estate in Alexandria, close to Interstate 395 going into Washington. Unlike the urban sprawl in most of northern Virginia, Alexandria retains a distinct community feel, with many cultural attractions, shops, and restaurants. There is decent nightlife and recreational opportunities here.

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