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The northernmost of the five New York boroughs, the Bronx first became a distinct borough in 1898, and then a county in 1914 covering 42 square miles. Despite it’s high population density, about a quarter of the land area is open space, occupied by the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Woodlawn Cemetary, Van Cortland Park and Pelham Bay Park.

During the nineteenth century it’s rural existance ended as the population exploded with waves of European immigrants.
After world war two there was a large influx of African-Americans, followed decades later by Caribbean immigrants from former Spanish and British colonies. Lately immigrants from Albania and the former Yugoslavia have arrived. In 2009 the Bronx population had reached almost one and a half million.

After decades of exodus driven by high crime, arson, and air pollution. the South Bronx began a quiet renaissance in the early 2000s, which has steadily continued. Offering real estate prices among the lowest in New York, a colony of artists began to grow, with industrial buildings surrounded by vacant lots making for quiet art lofts, with a 20 minute subway ride to Manhattan galleries a big draw. By 2009 the teflon coating on New York real estate that most people assumed would keep the city immune from the recession had disappeared, as the value of Bronx properties had plunged over ten percent.

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