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Hilton Head South Carolina Real Estate - Real Estate in Hilton Head, South Carolina

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Hilton Head, South Carolina is both the name of a city and the name of the island that the city sits on. From PGA Tour events to one of the nation’s largest wine-tasting competitions, Hilton Head provides plenty of entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Aside from the view that the city provides of the Atlantic Ocean, there are many reasons to look at Hilton Head, South Carolina for you or your family’s next real estate purchase.

The population of just over 30,000 is very well equally distributed amongst all age groups. Hilton Head does serve as a rather large retirement community, so there are more senior citizens than would be located in other areas of similar size. The people of Hilton Head live in houses with median prices around $360,000, which makes it a city that is much more expensive to live than the national average. People looking to rent a condo/apartment can expect rent prices to be around $1,550, which is also well above the national average.

An overabundance of the houses that were built in Hilton Head are only 30 years old or younger. Most of the houses were built in the ’80s, with many houses also being built in the ’90s. These homes usually house approximately 3 bedrooms and 7 total rooms. In comparison, the average rental property touts an average of 2 bedrooms and 5 total rooms. Most of the homes in Hilton Head are priced at $300,000 or higher, about half of these homes are priced at $500,000 or more. The majority of renters are going to pay between $1,000 and $1,500.

While the city of Hilton Head, South Carolina can provide some of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean that you will on the east coast, the real estate prices are higher than the nation’s average. At almost three times the average price in South Carolina, Hilton Head stands as a town that caters to wealthy, retired citizens.

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