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Bainbridge Real Estate - Real Estate Values in Bainbridge

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The thriving town of Bainbridge, GA is one of the South’s best places to settle down or raise a family. With its warm weather, peaceful setting, and affordable real estate, Bainbridge is also the perfect place to retire. Bainbridge’s location, just 70 miles from the beaches of Florida, makes it ideal. Bainbridge real estate is an absolute bargain, no matter what your real estate budget.

Bainbridge residents have no shortage of things to do. Shoppers will be in paradise as they meander through the quaint shops and restaurants in the historic downtown district. Its location on the banks of the Flint River provides a plethora of water activities for the residents of Bainbridge. If you prefer to do your swimming and fishing in a lake, Seminole Lake is nearby. Bainbridge is an established garden and agriculture city. Owning real estate in Bainbridge affords the owner the opportunity to take advantage of all that this pleasant area has to offer.

In 2008, the median price for a house or condo in Bainbridge was just over $100,000. For families on a budget, more inexpensive houses or mobile homes are often available in the Bainbridge real estate market. With 38% of the houses valued between $100,000 and $100,999, real estate in Bainbridge is certainly affordable.

Bainbridge real estate has something to offer the more discriminating buyer as well. Higher-end and luxury homes are available throughout Bainbridge and the surrounding area. These houses are built with quality and detail by professional building contractors.

Whether the prospective buyer is in the market for a starter home, an older home in an established neighborhood, a mobile home on an acre or two in a country setting, or a new home in one of the up and coming areas, Bainbridge real estate has something to offer everyone.

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