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When it comes to Outer Banks realty, prospective buyers have plenty of options. The nice thing about the Outer Banks is that it provides something for everyone. There are a number of small, quaint island communities that focus almost entirely on fishing and there are some larger, more tourism-based towns that are well suited for beach goers. Additionally, Outer Banks realty is varied enough to include large ocean front mansions and small, secluded homes right on the sound. The choice is most certainly yours when it comes to deciding on the perfect piece of Outer Banks real estate.

The smaller, more secluded islands
If your idea of perfect Outer Banks realty is the quiet comfort of a fishing village, then Ocracoke is the perfect choice. You can only get there by ferry, which immediately disqualifies the island from having a “touristy” feel. On Ocracoke, there are smaller homes and the bonus is that they are less expensive than homes on some of the other islands.

Additionally, you can find smaller islands the farther north you head in the Outer Banks. Islands like Duck and Corolla feature larger, more elaborate homes. This is where individuals go when they want top of the line, beach front real estate in the Outer Banks. An added bonus with this type of Outer Banks realty is that wild horses run free on the shores of these islands.

Considering the more popular islands
Those considering real estate in a larger area will want to take a look at Nags Head and Hatteras Island. Both of these places have grown to be very large, so they offer all the trappings that you should look for in a beach town. Additionally, there are many choices on these islands, from condominiums to expensive homes right on the water.

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