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Caldwell Banker Real Estate - Coldwell Banker Continues to Soar

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The oldest real estate company in the nation, Coldwell Banker, was founded in 1906 to offer strong support in the real estate market.

Colbert Coldwell, along with two partners, pledged the early years to working towards enhancing a residential real estate office in San Francisco, California.

Benjamin Arthur Banker joined the company in 1913 and a year later he became a partner. Both Coldwell and Banker participated in the company for most of their lives.

By the early 1920s the company opened offices in Southern California and in the early 1950s Phoenix was added. The expansion continued with offices in Washington, Georgia, Illinois and Washington DC by the 1970s. By the end of the 1980s, Coldwell Banker reported a 1.3 percent share of the residential real estate market, which soared to more than 10 percent within the next ten years.

Geographically, the company had a presence within each state in the country by 1990 and had initiated an international presence. In 1995, the company became the first national realty label to launch its presence on the web with www.coldwellbanker.com and in 2009 the company became the first realty property firm with international listings on devices that come from Apple, Google and Research in Motion.

From its inception, Coldwell Banker has ranked high among both home sellers and home buyers. The company is recognized as a pioneer in delivering home searches both on and offline.

The company, which was acquired in late 2006 by Realogy, currently has an international presence in 46 countries and territories and more than 600 offices outside the US, including Aruba, Canada, China, Egypt, France and Turkey.

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