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Real estate in Middleburg is clearly a buyer’s dream. Conveniently located about 25 miles southwest of Jacksonville, Middleburg, Florida offers excellent values in real estate. Middleburg attracts city dwellers who long for the slower pace of this sleepy little town on the banks of Black Creek. Experience the advantages of Middleburg’s country lifestyle, with accessibility to shopping, employment, business, and medical facilities located in nearby Jacksonville and Orange Park. Most areas of Middleburg are located with easy access to major highways and interstates.

Real estate in Middleburg continues to be a bargain. In 2008 the median house or condo value in Middleburg was reported at $173,013. Fully 54% of the homes in Middleburg are valued between $125,000 and $249,999, a clear indication of the affordability of Middleburg real estate. However, Middleburg real estate has offerings that cover a wide spectrum of prices.

Uncrowded, Middleburg’s housing density is 202 houses/condos per square mile. Home sites are available throughout the area. A portion of Middleburg’s real estate market consists of farmland, though typically smaller tracts of several acres are easier to locate than larger tracts.

Several upscale neighborhoods offer luxury homes. Generous building sites are also available, some in gated communities. For the horse lovers, an equestrian neighborhood is located just minutes away from Jacksonville’s Equestrian Center.

Middleburg represents rural America at its best. With excellent schools, waterways for fishing and swimming, good roads, accessibility to nearby urban areas, low crime rates, and affordable real estate, Middleburg, Florida is a smart move.

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