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Located in Deschutes County in central Oregon, the city of Bend has seen dramatic growth recently as more people move to Bend to take advantage of their well-paying jobs and fairly priced real estate. With new housing permits rising every year from 1998 until it hit its peak in 2006, Bend has been at the center of a large influx of people coming to live in central Oregon.

While Bend has been steadily progressing as a city, they have not been immune to the recent housing market crash that has fallen upon the entire United States. Bend has seen its yearly house sales decrease every year beginning in 2006. However, the good news for potential real estate investors is that the price of a sold home is now significantly lower than it was just a couple of years ago. In 2006, the average house sold for $350,000, while in 2009, the average house sold for $220,000. With the economy starting to climb its way back to normal levels, now might be the perfect time to look into buying a house in the city of Bend. If you aren’t looking to purchase but rather rent an apartment/condo, the median price paid for a rental property is $727, which is pretty average amongst all rental properties within the U.S.

The average homeowner can expect to have around three bedrooms and two bathrooms in their house, while the average renter will usually be able to find a cheaper two bedroom, one bathroom apartment/condo. The majority of renters paid somewhere between $600 and $1,250 for their two bedroom apartments. The average homeowner paid somewhere between $175,000 and $300,000 for their home.

Probably one of the nicest aspects of living in Bend, Oregon is the plethora of local jobs that the community offers. With the average commute being only 5-15 minutes, Bend provides residents with not only plenty of area careers but also great values on homes throughout the city.

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