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Nags Head is a town in Dare County, North Carolina covering six and a half square miles on one of the islands comprising the Outer Banks. Nags Head has a long history as a plush resort that dates back to the 1830s, and the area is dotted with the vacation homes of thousands who enjoy the relaxed laid-back lifestyle of the Outer Banks. The origin of the name Nags Head is unknown, but it may have been brought over by English sailors who transplanted the name from a high point in the Isles of Scilly, the last place in England they saw before the Atlantic crossing.

The town is adjacent to Kill Devil Hills, home of the Wright Brothers Memorial monument, where they made the first powered flight in 1903. Jockey’s Ridge State Park is the last place where you can see the moving sand dunes which greeted visitors over a century ago. The view from atop the Ridge stretches for miles, and it’s popular with hang gliders and kite flyers. There is also a museum in the state park. Not far from town is the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

Nags head is the birthplace of Outer Banks vacationing, as farmers first began bringing their families to escape the heat in the cool coastal breezes before the civil war. Since the town, with among the smallest square mileage in the Outer Banks, is a long thin strip of land where everything is close to the beach, and home prices here are higher than surrounding areas.

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