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Mountain View California Real Estate - The Bay Area: Mountain View, California Real Estate

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Residents in Mountain View, California seem as if they have a certain gleam in their eye. There is good reason for this. Living in a town that has gorgeous views of the Santa Cruz Mountains can leave a person feeling up beat and positive day in and day out. Beyond the view, Mountain View also boasts its role as a major player in the Silicon Valley. This Bay Area city is home to the headquarters of numerous world renowned information and technology companies. Mountain View California real estate is highly sought after due to the views, the economic growth and the recreational offerings.

Mountain View has listings in both new construction and existing homes. The new homes are often seen in two story construction style to allow more yard space while still giving the square footage that families look for. These homes are often built with newer, more eco-friendly materials. They also contain the latest and greatest in design, appliances and built-ins. Existing homes in the Mountain View California real estate listings are often Folk Victorian, Greek Revival, Farmhouse or Queen Anne styling. Some of these homes date back to the late 1800’s. Many of the existing homes have been updated so that energy efficiency is at optimal levels in the homes.

With a population of less than seventy-five thousand, the residents of this California city are afforded the close-knit community feel of a moderately sized town with the amenities of a larger city.

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