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Real Estate Richmond Va - Why Buy Real Estate in Richmond Virginia

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Richmond, the capital of Virginia and one of the first settlements in the original 13 colonies, is well known for its remarkable architecture and southern charm. Over 200,000 people call Richmond home and it is consistently ranked one of the top cities to work and live in several national publications, such as Forbes Magazine and CNN.

The economy has taken its toll on realty in Richmond, VA. Home values have plummeted by 7.44% in the last twelve months, and the median sale price of a home is $164,630. There are over 2,000 homes in foreclosure and interest rates have dropped by almost two points since January 2010. While home values have fallen in the last two to three years, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The economy in Richmond has been consistently strong, and realty is sure to pick up in the future. This means it is the perfect time to buy for those with good credit and steady jobs.

Real estate in Richmond varies from old Victorian mansions to stunning high-rise apartments. There are old colonial homes and brand new subdivisions with all of today’s little luxuries. Buyers can find either places to fix up on their own or already restored architectural masterpieces.

There are dozens of top-notch real estate agents located in Richmond who are eager to help new residents or long time renters attain their dream of owning a little piece of history. Realty in Richmond is their passion, and with good reason. There are not many places one can find American history shining brightly in storefronts and homes alike.

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