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Located in northern Arizona, the city of Prescott is located at an altitude of over 5,400 ft. From the scenic mountainous beauty, to the traditions, to all of the beautiful art displayed within the town, Prescott is a great place to find some really good deals on real estate.

Prescott, Arizona is home to a wide range of individuals whose ages range from their 20s all the way up to people in their 80s. Due to the large amount of mountain ranges both within and surrounding Prescott, the city only claims about 470 houses/condos per square mile.

The real estate crash has hit Prescott just like every other town in America, but it doesn’t seem to be having quite the effect as one might expect. While home sales in ’08 and ’09 fell off dramatically, the median price for a home only fell it five-year high of $340,000 to $255,000. Just five years ago (2004), the median house price was below $200,000.

$735/month is what renters are paying for condominium/apartment rentals with 34% of the Prescott, Arizona population renting property instead of owning it. That $735/month price tag will normally get you an average of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. There are quite a few rental properties under $650/month if you do some research and due diligence to find the best possible deal.

The cost of living in Prescott is relatively high, as there are a good number of houses that are selling $300,000 and higher. As the majority of the houses were built in the 70s and 80s, you are paying high prices for fairly new housing.

As most people only need to drive 10-20 minutes to work on a daily basis, it becomes obvious that the city of Prescott, Arizona is a quaint, familial type of community with many beautiful homes and condominiums. With all of this being situated amongst various mountain ranges, Prescott, Arizona’s real estate market is very attractive.

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