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Nc Real Estate Commission - Getting a License from the NC Real Estate Commission

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The NC Real Estate Commission is responsible for overseeing all real estate professionals in the state of North Carolina. They set the standards for getting, and keeping, a license to practice.

Holding a license an absolute requirement in NC. In fact, transacting any real estate business without one is a criminal offense. Luckily, getting a license from the Real Estate Commission is relatively easy. In fact, applicants who are authorized to work in the US, over 18, have a clean criminal history and a social security number need to meet only one of four standards to be eligible to test for the license. They must either:
– Complete a 75 hour prelicensing course in North Carolina
– Hold a license from any other state in the union
– Complete a 75 hour prelicensing course in any other statements
– Have education or unlicensed experience equivalent to what would be learned in a prelicensing course
Applicants who already hold a license in a state with which NC has reciprocity are not even required to test for a license.

Once a license is granted, it is good until the next June 30, and will renew annually after that. The NC Real Estate Commission’s annual licensing fee is $40.00. Licensees are also subject to two different education requirements. The first is that provisional brokers must complete 90 classroom hours of “postlicensing education” no later than three years from when they get their initial license, with at least one of the three required 30-hour classes being taken per year. In addition to this requirement, brokers are required to take eight hours of continuing education per year, of which 4 hours must be in a mandatory “Real Estate Update Course.”

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