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Real Estate Tempe Arizona - Finding Good Real Estate in Tempe, Arizona

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If you are looking to take a break from the winter blues or just looking for a new home near the desert, Tempe, Arizona is a great place call home. Tempe is also a booming area with an 11% increase in population over the past four years, which makes it one of the more recently popular areas in all of Arizona.

Tempe is far from your average college town, even though Arizona State University is located in the heart of downtown Tempe. For this reason, the average age of the town is going to be skewed towards a younger crowd, but do not be fooled, as there are many residents who take the trip to Tempe for employment after they graduate college.

In Tempe, the housing density is going to around 1,700 houses/square mile, which makes it a relatively residential area with some open spots as you reach the desert. For sale houses and condos are median priced at around $160,000, which is over a 100% drop from where the prices were just two years ago. The estimated value of the average home in Tempe, meanwhile, is approximately $189,000. People looking for a rental property can expect to pay about $806/month for their rent.

As Tempe has just recently expanded in the amount of people that are taking up residence there, the average house/condo was built in 1976, which means that houses are probably not in need of too much repair at this time. The average house is going to have four bedrooms and seven total rooms, while the average condominium will have two bedrooms and four total rooms.

People of all ages and tax brackets are beginning to call the booming market known as Tempe home. With housing prices falling as rapidly as they are, many opportunities for great value are available in the Tempe, Arizona real estate market.

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