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Kansas City Missouri Real Estate - Real Estate in Kansas City, Missouri

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In the heart of the United States sits a budding economic city that stays true to its Great Plains roots. With businesses expanding at a rampant pace and people moving into the town all the time, there is some great real estate that has just recently been built that provides great opportunities for those looking for property to capitalize on a booming market.

More businesses means more people in their 30s and 40s and this is exactly what Kansas City, Missouri has a plethora of. Many people are choosing to buy Kansas City real estate to raise their families in a prospering community. With 452,000 people, Kansas City’s current housing density sits 645 houses/condominiums per square mile, which makes it just a little below the national average.

One of the nicer aspects of Kansas City, if you are looking to rent a condo/apartment, is the relatively low median rent that the city boasts. Renters can expect to pay approximately $550/month (without figuring in utilities) on average for a rental unit. Housing prices are relatively stable at approximately $140,000. Kansas City was hit pretty hard by the housing market’s crash. However, the last quarter of 2009 saw the average median selling price of a home go up to $180,000, which might be construed as a good sign for the local economy.

The average house in Kansas City contains three bedrooms while the average rental property is split down the middle between one and two bedrooms. The majority of the houses in the city sell for anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000. Rent for apartments is usually between $300 and $800 per month for most units.

When people think of the Midwest, they think of farm animals, countryside, and flatlands, but Kansas City proves that misconceptions run prevalent about this area of the country. A burgeoning business economy continues to add new faces to the town all the time, and right now Kansas City has some excellent prices for those who are looking at real estate in the area.

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