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Emerald Isle Realty - Emerald Isle Realty Is For Everyone

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Emerald Isle is a small town on the southern end of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. A Florida consultant named Emerald Isle after he flew over the Island and described it to purchasers as a "solid green gem”. The island is full gourmet restaurants, small shops and beautiful beaches. Real estate in Emerald Isle is comprised of luxury homes, apartments and condominiums for sale or rent. There is an array of homes that are oceanfront, sound front or inland, as well as prime business locations.

Vacation rental homes are priced between $800 and $6,000 per week, with the average being $2,000 per week. Renting an annual home is an option as well. These run from $600 a month for an apartment to $2,000 a month for a house. For those looking to purchase their own piece of paradise, there is a large selection of stunning real estate in almost any price range. Everything from already furnished apartments to tranquil beach cottages to stunning mansions, Emerald Isle offers something for everyone.

For those looking to open a business or purchasing one, Emerald Isle offers prime office spaces and stand-alone stores. The town is full of small stores, gourmet restaurants and quirky surf shops, and the tourist business is booming almost year round. There are plenty of customers to go around, and any one of Emerald Isle’s excellent real estate agents can find the perfect spot to get a businessperson started.

Whether you are looking for a family vacation spot, a romantic getaway or a friendly town to call home, this island has realty for anyone. The water is clear, the atmosphere is relaxed and the people are exceptionally friendly. Emerald Isle truly is a solid green gem!

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