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Rosemont Real Estate - How To Find Rosemont Real Estate

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Rosemont is a small village located just 17 miles from downtown Chicago, Illinois.
Situated between O’Hare International Airport and the Chicago Loop, Rosemont plays an
important role in commercial activity in the area, and its close proximity to Chicago
certainly adds many more cosmopolitan resources and benefits for residents.

If you are thinking about a move to the Chicago area, Rosemont may be a good location
to consider. There is easy access to highways, interstates, and public transportation, with
direct routes to O’Hare International Airport and downtown Chicago. Most major hotel
and restaurant chains have located here to accommodate the thousands of travelers that
come through the area, and this means increased job opportunities for Rosemont residents.
Although Rosemont is a small village, with population of only 4,224 residents, real estate
in Rosemont comes with big benefits for business and lifestyle. The Donald E. Stephens
Convention Center is the 11th largest convention center in the country. The Allstate
Arena, a 19,000 seat stadium, hosts the Chicago Wolves IHL hockey, DePaul University
men’s basketball, World Wrestling Federation, Disney on Ice, Barnum & Bailey’s Circus,
and much more. The Rosemont Theatre, a 4,300 seat performing arts center, hosts
Broadway plays and concerts. There are museums, parks, family events, and special
attractions throughout the year.

Real estate in Rosemont offers single family homes, condos, townhomes, farms and
ranches, waterfront property, and business property. The median home value is
approximately $355,000 for a single family home, and $90,000 – $250,000 for condos
and townhomes, depending on the location. If you are looking for real estate in Rosemont,
you can search online or contact The Chamber of Commerce in Rosemont for a list of
local realtors. There are numerous real estate agents that can help with location, price, and
specific information about the area. Rosemont is a small village with big city opportunities,
and it is certainly worth considering.

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