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Long Realty Tucson - Finding or Selling Tucson Properties Using Long Realty

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Looking for commercial property? A single-family home? Land? Or, are you looking to sell your Tucson property? Whatever your needs, Long Realty Tucson is the place to start your search. While there are several real estate companies in the area, Long Realty Tucson has the largest percentage of Southern Arizona’s market share. Long Realty Tucson is also a member of HomeServices of America, Inc., the #2 real estate brokerage in the nation, which itself is a Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate.

Agents at Long Realty Tucson are highly trained, extremely competent and help you quickly navigate the daunting 350-plus square miles of this large, growing metro. Tucson has it all: golf resort, historic, commercial, industrial, income, land, gated communities and ranch properties. Long Realty Tucson is committed to every aspect of customer service in real estate, from their Long Realty Research Center, which provides exclusive market strategies and pricing information to you and your Long Realty Tucson agent, to their outstanding web site, ranked by Alexa.com as #1 in Arizona real estate web site visits.

Long Realty Tucson offers you a one-stop real estate experience by providing mortgages through their partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, property titles and insurance, as well as a host of digital tools to make your property purchase, or sale, a huge success. You can have a virtual tour made of your property or use Long Realty Tucson’s Virtual Home Finder to locate your dream home.

Whether you are looking to purchase a PGA Tour golf property in Oro Valley, a commercial warehouse, a condo for your retirement, the perfect ranch in Vail, an income property for your child attending the University of Arizona or perhaps an historic adobe-built house in the Hughes district, your Long Realty Tucson agent can help you find the perfect property for you.

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