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Milwaukee Homes For Sale - An Overview of Milwaukee Homes for Sale

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As the largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee is a natural choice for people who want to live near as many conveniences as possible. If you’re looking for Milwaukee homes for sale, then you may be relocating there for a job or simply want to experience life in the big city. There are several zip codes within the city of Milwaukee; in order to find the best Milwaukee homes, it helps to zero in on zip codes that are within your price range.

Milwaukee Homes for Sales: The Basics

Before delving into the specifics of the hottest zip codes for homes in Milwaukee, you should familiarize yourself with the basic demographics of the city. Overall, the average listing price for a home within the Milwaukee city limits is around $192,640; the average sale price for Milwaukee homes hovers right around $98,000.

Milwaukee Public Schools is the largest school district in the state. The vast majority of Milwaukee homes for sale are within the boundaries of this large district, which serves an average of 87,000 students. There are more than 200 schools in the district, as well; a large percentage of the homes for sale in Milwaukee are within walking distance of an elementary school; buses are frequently used, as well.

In terms of crime, Milwaukee’s property and violent crime rates tend to be higher than those around the rest of the state. However, it’s perfectly possible to find Milwaukee homes for sale within very safe neighborhoods. Take a close look at the individual homes that you’re interested in to get a better idea about how safe they are. Overall, though, the city’s property crime rate averages around 6.5%; its violent crime rate falls around 1.3%.

Milwaukee Homes for Sale in the 53207 Zip Code

The most popular zip code for Milwaukee homes is 53207, which includes Bayside and Whitefish Bay. The average listing price for a Milwaukee home in this zip code is $163,500; the average sale price is $134,400. Homes average around $102 per square foot.

Milwaukee Homes for Sale in the 53202 Zip Code

Another popular zip code for homes for sale in Milwaukee is 53202, which includes McKinley Marina and abuts Lake Michigan. The average listing price for Milwaukee homes in this zip code is $329,300, making it one of the most exclusive enclaves in the city. The average sale price for homes in the 53202 zip code is $241,500; the average price per square foot is $198.

Milwaukee Homes for Sale in the 53211 Zip Code

Milwaukee’s 53211 zip code includes neighborhoods like Donner Woods, Harambee and Murray Hill. The average listing price for Milwaukee homes for sale in this zip code is $363,800; the average sale price for those homes is $282,000. Homes in this zip code cost an average of $140 per square foot, making them a reasonable deal.

Whatever price range you’re looking for in terms of Milwaukee homes for sale, you’re sure to find something suitable. The city is large and has something to offer everyone.

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