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Kissimmee Florida Real Estate - Facts About Kissimmee Florida Real Estate

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Located in Osceola County in central Florida, it’s close proximity to Orlando theme parks such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Disney World makes Kissimmee Florida real estate an excellent choice for investing, year round living, or purchasing a vacation home.

From $3.5 million dollar lake front mansions to 300 square foot condos under $20 thousand dollars, Kissimmee Florida real estate has something for everyone. The median price for a home here is approximately $150 thousand dollars.

There is very little new construction in the Kissimmee Florida real estate market, only about 12 homes per month.

Kissimmee Florida real estate is also perfect for real estate investors to consider – however, if you are planning to rent the property out for periods of less than 6 months, make sure it is zoned for short term rentals. Check with the Osceola County zoning department for the most current information.

The number of homes in foreclosure is similar to the number of other homes for sale giving future home owners and investors a wide range of financing options including short sales.

The state of Florida homestead exemption and the area’s beautiful, warm weather makes Kissimmee Florida real estate an excellent choice for people on fixed incomes. Costs for utilities are lower than in colder areas. The homestead exemption provides a safety net against the possibility of losing a home due to rising taxes as property values increase. Real estate costs are also very reasonable compared to many other areas of the country allowing those on a fixed income to spend a smaller percentage of their income on housing.

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