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San Francisco Condominiums - A Guide to San Francisco Condominiums

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Finding San Francisco condominiums is not only a matter of pricing, but also about developing an appreciation for the unique history of the city, and the amenities of each of its neighborhoods. In 1849, the patchwork grid of the city of San Francisco was extended by a dubiously qualified city surveyor in two directions. The sections were set at a 45 degree angle from each other, separated by Market Street. Once William Eddy’s strict grid of streets was overlaid on the naturally hilly terrain, steep and at times precarious boulevards resulted, creating some of the most beautiful and unusual urban views and buildings in the world.

Although condominium rates frequently fluctuate based on market forces, certain neighborhoods can be counted on to list higher than others. San Francisco has several prominent districts, including the Central District, the Heart of San Francisco, South of Market, and Old San Francisco. San Francisco’s Financial District, located in the heart of the city, has the most expensive listings, with an average square foot price of over $900 dollars. One of the most recognizably urban portions of the city, with spectacular views of glittering high rises and the bustling main thoroughfare of Market Street, the Financial District also looks out on the landmark triangular Transamerica building. Many exclusive buildings, including the Ritz Carlton Club, occasionally have condos for sale. Exclusive but slightly more affordable Russian Hill is notable for its proximity to a variety of cultural institutions, and also as the featured location of Armistead Maupin’s quartet of novels, “Tales of the City.” Russian Hill’s average square foot price is just over $800 dollars.

San Francisco condominiums become slightly more affordable in sections of town like Noe Valley, which has an average square foot price of around $600. Noe Valley is also home to restaurants, pubs, and bookstores, as a strong community feeling pervades here. The Dubonce Triangle is another region with a $600 dollar per square foot average, known for its amenable family qualities. Other cultural hotspots, including the Haight Ashbury district, have a similar per square foot price for available condominiums. This stretch of town, immortalized during the 1960’s as the center of the so-called hippie movement, has retained numerous boutiques and a playful sense of fun.
The condominiums in Old San Francisco have some of the most picturesque exteriors in the city. Victorian style homes line the streets, and many of the condominiums here have been converted from these houses. In Pacific Heights, which boasts views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, the average square foot price hovers around $600.

South of Market, the average square foot price for San Francisco condominiums jumps once again to over $800 a square foot. This area has several prominent condominium buildings due to rigorous development in the real estate market. However, there are many buildings which offer a range of pricing, from entry-level listings to penthouse digs. Potrero Hill, also in the South of Market district, has listings with an average square foot price of $500.

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