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Arvada Homes For Sale - Information About Arvada Homes for Sale

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As the seventh most-populous city in the state of Colorado, Arvada boasts plenty of opportunities for people who are looking to relocate. This northwestern suburb of Denver straddles Jefferson and Adams counties, and has a population of more than 100,000 people; if you’re interested in Arvada homes for sale, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Prior to kicking off your search, though, you should increase your odds of finding the best Arvada home for sale by researching the area in depth. Below, you’ll find detailed information regarding pricing and geography for Arvada homes for sale.

Homes in Arvada: The Basics

On average, Arvada homes for sale have listing prices of around $294,000; they sell around $200,000, and their average price per square foot is typically $144. Based on these numbers, it is clear that you can find an Arvada home for sale within a reasonable price range – whatever your income may be.

Median house values for homes in Arvada have held steady, despite the rocky real estate market elsewhere during the last few years. The median value of a home in Colorado is around $165,000; Arvada homes tend to sell for a lot more than that, as outlined below. In terms of square footage, Arvada homes generally fall within the 2,500- to 3,500-square-foot range.

If you move to Arvada with children, they could attend one of two different school districts, depending on which county you end up in. Some homes for sale in Arvada are in the Adams County School District; there are approximately 20 schools in the district, and around 10,000 students. Other homes in Arvada are in the Jefferson County School District, which has more than 86,000 students and around 165 schools.

One of the chief selling points of homes for sale in Arvada is the area’s low crime rate. Indeed, the violent crime rate for this city is a meager 0.18%; the property crime rate is an equally impressive 3.02%. Both figures are well below state averages.

Arvada Homes for Sale in the Meadowglen Neighborhood

Arvada’s Meadowglen neighborhood is one of its toniest areas. It’s bordered by West 81st Street and West 81st Place, and boasts the Dry Creek Bike Trail. Homes tend to get listed for around $283,000 here, and they usually sell for right around $245,000. Price per square foot for Arvada homes in this neighborhood is approximately $129.

Arvada Homes for Sale in the Lake Arbor Neighborhood

If you’d like to zero in on an Arvada home for sale in a more reasonable price category, the Lake Arbor neighborhood may be right up your alley. This area includes the Lake Arbor Golf Club and the Lake Arbor Park. Homes in and around Lake Arbor are generally listed for $139,000, and usually sell for around $105,000. You’ll find that the price per square foot for these Arvada homes is right around $100.

Arvada Homes for Sale in the Village of Five Parks Neighborhood

Finally, one of the newest and most exclusive neighborhoods in Arvada is the Village of Five Parks, which lies north and south of West 86th Parkway. Here, Arvada homes for sale are built within a compact community; a community center, retail shops and five different parks are all within walking distance of every house. Listing prices for these homes is around $419,700; due to demand, sales prices have been averaging around $512,000. In terms of price per square foot, the average is $156. From reasonably priced houses to more luxurious designs, Arvada has homes for families of all types.

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