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Leesburg Va Homes - A Review of Leesburg, VA Homes

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If you’re going to be working in Washington, D.C. and would like to live near enough to get there easily – but far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet – then Leesburg, Virginia might be right for you. Leesburg, VA homes tend to be of average price, making them reasonable options for most families. With its proximity to the Potomac River, Leesburg is a scenic and relaxing place to live. Make your search for the right Leesburg, VA home easier by checking out the information below.

A Snapshot of Leesburg, Virginia Homes

Overall, homes in Leesburg, VA are usually listed for around $604,000. In terms of sales price, though, the average is closer to $328,000. On a price-per-square-foot basis, Leesburg, VA homes average $168. These numbers are well within reach for most families, especially those who are professionals in and around the nation’s capital.

Families with children will be interested to know that homes in Leesburg are served by the Loudon County Public School System, which is the fifth-largest in the state of Virginia – and one of the fastest-growing. More than 75 schools make up the district, and approximately 50,000 students attend it. Most Leesburg, Virginia homes are within the boundaries of either Loudon County High School or Heritage High School.

Crime is something that you have to consider when looking for a Leesburg, VA home. Happily, the property crime rate in Leesburg is below the average for the state, at 2.14%; its violent crime rate is also quite low, at 0.2%.

Leesburg, VA Homes in the 20176 Zip Code

One of the most exclusive zip codes in Leesburg is 20176. These Leesburg, Virginia homes are located in the center of town and are bordered by Market and King Streets. Average listing prices for these Leesburg homes hover around $601,400; they often sell for approximately $340,000, and their average price per square foot is $169, which is a fairly good deal.

Leesburg, VA Homes in the 20175 Zip Code

Next door to the 20176, you’ll more likely to find a lower-priced Leesburg, VA home. This section borders the neighboring city of Greedsville; Leesburg Executive Airport is nearby, as is the Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve. Homes in the 20175 zip code have a $169 price-per-square-foot; the average listing price is about $585,000, while the typical sale price is approximately $300,000.

Leesburg, VA Homes in the 20165 Zip Code

Although homes in the 20165 zip code are technically located in Sterling, they are considered to be a part of the greater Leesburg, Virginia region. More importantly, they belong to a more scenic area that is about ten miles to the southeast of downtown Leesburg, right next to the Potomac River. The popular Algonkian Golf Course is located in this zip code, where the average listing price for a house is $479,000. Although the sale price for homes here is about $344,000, their price on a square-foot basis is less competitive, at $203. Still, Leesburg, VA homes in the 20165 zip code are definitely worth a look.

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